Covid vaccine hangover

Let me start off by saying we are so grateful to be vaccinated before summer. We are also so proud that we did our duty to help get the world back to some kind of normal. With that being said the side effects sucked. Would i take a day of illness over getting Covid? ABSOLUTELY!

John has the chills, a fever of 102 and body aches. I had the sweats, a migraine and terrible leg pain. Between the two of us i think we checked off all the side effects.

For lunch we had soup and i also had ice cream 😂. Although we were able to eat normal our stomachs did seem a little unsettled.

So, in short, being miserable for a day was worth the piece of mind that we will stay healthy during this pandemic.

Hot flash vs Chills 😂

I’ve waited over a year….

Today was the first time in over a year that i was able to hug my father. This meant more to me then anything!

My parents stopped by to say hello and bring us carrot cake. We still aren’t celebrating all together because everyone is not vaccinated but we are getting there!

*sidenote:during this pandemic mom has still given us hugs but dad is more cautious as he has a underlying condition that makes him high risk! We are so thankful for the vaccine!

3/24/21 was a big day!

Mammogram and COVID vaccine all in one day!? Man i was adulting hard and for once i admitted i was 40! Phew glad that is over so i can go back to being 25!

But in all seriousness the mammogram was super quick and painless. Fingers crossed i don’t get called back!

How sweet was it for the hospital to reserve me a seat?

The vaccine was painless but OMG the anxiety building up to it. I’m not afraid of shots and i fully trust the doctors and scientists with this vaccine, but my last 2 vaccinations i had allergic reactions to. Ugh was it terrifying but i never even felt a pinch! John and i had super sore arms for 24 hours but that’s all. Now I’m sure we will get sick from the second shot but hey sick for a day is better then being on a ventilator in the hospital!