Fake summer

Wow has Mother Nature been kind to northern Ohio this week. Mid 60’s everyday is a welcomed break from winter. My nanny kids and i have been outside all day for 3 days straight and it has been WONDERFUL!!!! Walks, playgrounds and backyard playing has occupied all our free time. The have slept great and so has their nanny!

We found the first flower of 2021!

On Tuesday night i took my trio group outside to twirl and work on their routine. It was so nice and the sunset in the background was breathtaking!

I felt like i was in a scene from the Lion King!

As i was coaching tonight i couldn’t stop looking out the window. The sunset was breathtaking. I had to pause practice and snap a picture. This is what happens when the coach is also a photographer!

Sometimes you just need to stop what you are doing and take in what Mother Nature has to offer. With all the snow and gray days we have had lately, this was one of those moments. My twirlers loved it also and it was a nice moment!

Last quarter moon

Living in the city and being a photographer has a lot of down sides. I was so mad last night that i couldn’t get a photo of the gorgeous sunset. There is always a building or power line in the way. As i was leaving for work this morning i noticed the glow of the moon. It was breathtaking at 7:30am this morning and i knew i needed to run back in the house to grab my camera. I’m still upset i missed the sunset, but this moon shot did help cheer me up!