Put your pumpkin spice away….

It’s still summer and I’m going to enjoy every minute of it. Ok ok I’m excited to decorate for fall too, but I’m not ready for summer to be over.

I am so grateful our pool is open until September 13! A lot of the city pools around here have already closed but in our development that keep it open a little longer.

My youngest swam for 5 hours straight. I made us all lunch and we had a picnic poolside. We also played ping pong, which we should probably never do again. Note to self my youngest is not good at tennis or ping pong 😝!

The temps outside were only in the 70’s but the afternoon sun did make it feel a little warmer. I took a nice cat nap on the lounge chair while i was watching K and John play in the pool 😉. It truly was a beautiful day outside!

First week of summer break was hot!

What an awesome first week of summer. The nanny kids and i did swimming lessons, the splash pad and played at several playgrounds. We had our first official summer picnic and we just enjoyed the beautiful weather!

My bonus daughters came over tonight for their weekend with us and we wasted no time! My youngest and i headed straight to the pool!

This summer sure is looking better then last summer. I love warm weather and sunshine.