Cally Day!

As part of my birthday gift to my niece i promised her a special a day date! We started the day with me coming to her volleyball camp to watch them play a game against the high school volleyball team. This week she learned all there was to know about volleyball. She was the youngest and shortest but she was really good. I was extremely impressed. The camp coach was the volleyball coach at her school. He was so kind and patient and all the girls seemed to have a lot of fun.

The next part of our day was lunch of course. She chose Chick-Fil-A! After we ate and talked we walked around the mall. Somehow this big 9 year old convinced me to ride on the mall train 🤣. We laughed a bad so much fun and it was a great reminder you are never too old to have fun!

We ended our day with a fun game of putt putt. The course at the Mentor Dairy Queen is really nice and at times challenging. Our game ended in a tie so i told her she owes me a rematch!

Of course she chose the baseball ⚾️
She’s 9!
Someone ended up in the water 😂
She was proud to keep score!

Emma Day!

“Aunt Jill are you off today?” is the text i received from my oldest niece. I said yes and asked her what was up. She responded with “i thought maybe we could go for some ice cream or something?” Lol ok i can take the hint so of course i went and picked her up. We enjoyed some ice cream and putt putt. The weather was high 70’s and the sun was shining. We laughed and had a lot of fun! Maybe i needed that as much as she did!