Spring is that you?

Hooray it finally felt like a spring day in Northeast, Ohio. The sun was shining. The temps were in the low 50’s and the birds were chirping! We went for a 3 mile hike in the metroparks. The trails were filled with people of all ages. We saw so many kinds of wildlife. The trees are starting to bloom and flowers are starting to grow! It was just absolutely perfect and a wonderful way to spend a Sunday afternoon!

Sunday Funday with J&J

Well the first “big” snowfall is heading to northeast Ohio. We are just on the line of expecting 6-9” overnight. Now we don’t have to work tomorrow so that takes some of the anxiety away. As for today, the weather was beautiful. The temps were just in the 20’s but the sun was shining bright. We were able to sleep in (7am) and enjoy a slow morning and a warm breakfast.

I did another low impact workout at the gym and my husband did his cardio on the track with me! We listen to our music and don’t communicate with each other, but just nice to have a walking buddy sometimes.

After cardio John wanted to focus on shoulders. I used the lightest dumbbells again and while he did some additional workouts, i just stretched!

After the gym we started prepping our chili dinner so it could simmer (torture me) all afternoon. This is me wearing a pot lid in my hoodie so the onions would stop burning my eyes 🤣. Ridiculous but effective!

While the chili “got happy” i cleaned the kitchen and bathrooms. We made lunch and kind of just relaxed all afternoon. We are bunkered down and going to enjoy the snowfall inside our warm home!

Five hours later and the chili looks and smells amazing!

I added some fat free shredded cheese, homemade ranch, and some low calorie oyster crackers. Oh my goodness i had to stop myself from eating multiple bowls of this 😋

The snowfall has begun and we are in for the night!

Small town Ice Cream stand

Nothing is better then a local ice cream shop. Nothing! John has been going to the Pied Piper in Huron since he was little and he still enjoys going there all the time. I love it because they have sugar free yogurt! It’s a nice little treat for me every once in a while! Love being part of this Great Lake town!

Butterfinger Flurry
Reese pieces Sunday
Sugar free pumpkin spice yogurt

Hello October!

I am very blessed to live in such a beautiful suburb in northern Ohio. I of course would prefer to live in a small town or village on the lake, but this will do for now 😉!

This weekend is their fall festival so all hands were on deck as they prepared the city. My nanny kids and i had fun walking around, taking photos, and just enjoying the scenery on this beautiful day!

Downtown Vermilion, Ohio

Another day date after a morning of fishing. We love to walk downtown Vermilion, look in store windows and people watch. Saturdays they have their outdoor market and it attracts a lot of tourists. The vermilion yacht club pool was filled with everyone trying to cool off. It was 90° outside but no one cared as they were all trying to enjoy as much summer as they could.

Rudy’s for lunch
Probably the best chili I’ve ever tasted
My side salad hit the spot
Fall and Winter candles have arrived!
John’s store!
Monroe decorated the windows with vintage Vermilion High School memorabilia!

Day Date at the Islands

We started the day with a boat ride down the Huron river. Lake Erie was really rough but the weather was amazing. We decided to go have lunch and shop in Port Clinton and Marblehead. After we were finished we returned to the boat. The lake was still kind of rough. John would have fished but it made me nervous so we returned to the dock. He of course still fished from the parked boat 😂 and of course caught a fish! Overall it was an amazing day!!!!

Love my dirty hooker fishing clothes!
Obviously this should be my boat
My lunch date is gorgeous
Ok who is buying me this????
Always anchor your bike!
Love antiques

Small town America!

There is nothing better then small lake towns. Well ok there might be some better things, but to me this is my happiness. I love having Lake Erie right in my backyard. I love the calmness and uniqueness of these small towns that line the coast. In the summer the streets are lined with tourist and locals enjoying restaurants, bars, festivals and of course the lake. In the winter it is quiet and peaceful. Small town America is my happiness. I am and always be just a small town girl and i finally met my small town guy! Today we enjoyed Huron, Ohio from the water!

Day date!

Last Sunday we enjoyed a delicious lunch at Rudy’s in vermilion. It’s a bar and grill near downtown Vermilion, Ohio. The menu has a large variety of appetizers, burgers, wings, sandwiches and sides. The head cook is amazing and she always has the freshest food and the best recipes for her menu. After lunch we walked around and checked out all the quant little shops. Now in typical small town America, a lot of places are closed on Sunday’s. As inconvenient as this may be, i secretly love that they do this because years ago (many, many years ago) most places were closed on Sunday!!!

Crab cakes
Sun kissed from fishing