Time with our niece!

Always amazing when i get to see my little sweetheart three times in 2 weeks!

First i went out to dinner with my niece, godson and their parents. I love time with these two cuties.

Next we had the pleasure of having Cally sleepover. We had dinner, went to see Christmas lights and watched Christmas movies before bed. Oh and she even worked on a school project! She is so polite and so well behaved. We love spending time with her and she makes us laugh so much!

Time with my girls!

Always an added bonus when i get to spend time with my niece. She was staying at my parents house for the weekend so we got lots of time together. She recently broke her arm but she doesn’t let her slow her down. My parents dog, Abby, loves to be in the action and enjoys us girls staying at the house for the weekend! It was a good balance of fishing with the boys and hanging out with the girls!

Using only one hand and it’s still perfect

Cally Day!

As part of my birthday gift to my niece i promised her a special a day date! We started the day with me coming to her volleyball camp to watch them play a game against the high school volleyball team. This week she learned all there was to know about volleyball. She was the youngest and shortest but she was really good. I was extremely impressed. The camp coach was the volleyball coach at her school. He was so kind and patient and all the girls seemed to have a lot of fun.

The next part of our day was lunch of course. She chose Chick-Fil-A! After we ate and talked we walked around the mall. Somehow this big 9 year old convinced me to ride on the mall train 🤣. We laughed a bad so much fun and it was a great reminder you are never too old to have fun!

We ended our day with a fun game of putt putt. The course at the Mentor Dairy Queen is really nice and at times challenging. Our game ended in a tie so i told her she owes me a rematch!

Of course she chose the baseball ⚾️
She’s 9!
Someone ended up in the water 😂
She was proud to keep score!

Cally’s 9!

Time is passing by so quickly! Cally had a Moana themed birthday party. The day was filled with laughter and screams of about 20 kids. They played in the pool and sprinkler slide. They are pizza, snow cones, cake and candy from the piñata. Cally received lots of craft kits and some stem kits. She loves creating and learning!

Abby and my parents
Abby and the cutest dad ever!
KC and Abby
Cookies made by my mom
The girls colored pictures for decorations
My pretty girls
Cally and Karalyn being crazy

Emma Day!

“Aunt Jill are you off today?” is the text i received from my oldest niece. I said yes and asked her what was up. She responded with “i thought maybe we could go for some ice cream or something?” Lol ok i can take the hint so of course i went and picked her up. We enjoyed some ice cream and putt putt. The weather was high 70’s and the sun was shining. We laughed and had a lot of fun! Maybe i needed that as much as she did!

Who’s on first?

My niece both times she was up to bat! Her team is undefeated at the start of their season. Cally is striking batters out as she learns to pitch. She is consistently hitting the ball and getting runners home! This girl is very talented and i love to see out on the field!

Me and my girls!

While the boys played on the boat, i played with my youngest and my niece. Wow they kept me busy but we also had a lot of fun! My oldest was with us for a short period of time but she had to work stage crew at the high school all afternoon and evening!

The girls also work hard on making the deviled eggs, potato salad and preparing the watermelon for our cookout!

After we ate i taught the girls how to play tetherball. It was one of my favorite games to play with my classmates!

Then the rope came untied. The girls thought they could fix it themselves but i found a neighbor with a ladder and we fixed it! But it was hilarious watching them try to figure it out themselves

Then……we played tennis. Can you tell why I’m so exhausted!?!

I slowly walked back to the house but oh these two still had more energy!