She’s a dancer, she’s a star!

Today i was blessed enough to see my niece perform in person on the stage. She was only allowed 3 guests and her parents asked me to be their plus 1! It was truly an amazing recital and all the dancers were such little stars. My niece, Cally, performed with her hip hop group to the 90’s classic, Bye Bye Bye!!! It was hard to stay in my seat! She also performed with her acro group to the song, Barefootin’. Such a cute routine and Cally showed off her back walkovers and splits. She was front and center and performed the hell out of the routine. She smiled the entire time and never missed a beat. I am beyond proud of her. I spent my entire life dancing and performing and it’s so fun to sit back and watch her do the same thing!!!!

Off to middle school!

Well our youngest just finished 4th grade and is off to middle school! Last week she had her ukulele concert. Yesterday was her field day and clap out. Today was her award ceremony. It’s been emotional for her.

Her bestie Alayna who was also one of my students!

Because of Covid only 2 people could attend her events but her dad took photos for me!

My nephew, Henry, and my niece, Emma also will be at the middle school next year. I can not believe they are so old

My other niece, Cally, will be heading to 4th grade this year. Seriously werent they all just babies!?

Who’s on first?

My niece both times she was up to bat! Her team is undefeated at the start of their season. Cally is striking batters out as she learns to pitch. She is consistently hitting the ball and getting runners home! This girl is very talented and i love to see out on the field!

Me and my girls!

While the boys played on the boat, i played with my youngest and my niece. Wow they kept me busy but we also had a lot of fun! My oldest was with us for a short period of time but she had to work stage crew at the high school all afternoon and evening!

The girls also work hard on making the deviled eggs, potato salad and preparing the watermelon for our cookout!

After we ate i taught the girls how to play tetherball. It was one of my favorite games to play with my classmates!

Then the rope came untied. The girls thought they could fix it themselves but i found a neighbor with a ladder and we fixed it! But it was hilarious watching them try to figure it out themselves

Then……we played tennis. Can you tell why I’m so exhausted!?!

I slowly walked back to the house but oh these two still had more energy!