It was no walk in the park…

The aftermath of a warm february day in ohio….

The park was covered in ice and iced footsteps on all the pathways. My older nanny girl thought it was fun! It was an adventurous walk but all 3 of us made it to the swings. After we played for a little bit we walked over the check out the waterfall.

The water was rushing, very high and super muddy from all the snow melting. In the summer time we see fishermen standing on these rocks and children swimming in this area. Not today! We enjoyed watching it from the observation deck above!

I felt like i was in a scene from the Lion King!

As i was coaching tonight i couldn’t stop looking out the window. The sunset was breathtaking. I had to pause practice and snap a picture. This is what happens when the coach is also a photographer!

Sometimes you just need to stop what you are doing and take in what Mother Nature has to offer. With all the snow and gray days we have had lately, this was one of those moments. My twirlers loved it also and it was a nice moment!