Happy birthday to you….

The nanny kids are 5 and 7!!!!!

We had a wonderful time celebrating another year around the sun for with the “big kids!”

Their themes were super hero’s and fairies. My wonderful boss has an amazing set up with photo booths, themed food, a fairy garden craft and a superhero obstacle course. The kids played hard and the adults enjoyed hanging out together!

John wore his Batman shirt and i made my own super nanny (that’s what my boss calls me) shirt with a fairy riding on Mary Poppins back!

One of the cousins got stuck in the tunnel so he did the entire obstacle course this way 😂
Breaking through the wall

My nanny girl said the F word!

Today my nanny girl(6) built a podium so she could give her presidential speech. When she was done she opened it up for questions. I asked her to address the high gas prices. She said they will speak of that during the podcast but i couldn’t listen because it’s for kids and I’m FORTY!!! Excuse me!? How old am i? Oh no she didn’t! I quickly explained to her that i was only 40 on one day this year….the day of my mammogram and vaccination. I have now returned back to the age of 25! Obviously i need to find a new job where the children will respect me and never speak of my “real” age again!

She’s so creative and inventive!