Outdoor nanny adventures!

Finally a dry week, slightly warmer temps and plenty of sunshine! It’s not quite as warm as i would like BUT ITS DRY!

This week started with a delightful welcome from Mr Bunny as i pulled into my nanny house. He was letting me know it was going to be a great week!

We found another rainbow and some fishermen on our Monday morning hike!

Tuesday we found a family of deers at the playground. Deers are beautiful but they terrify me. I played in cool but i think they knew i was scared!

I just want to say that i think Lake Erie and the Metroparks are the two most amazing reasons to live in northeast Ohio. I mean look how amazing this view is. We love to explore and play at all the areas the metroparks has to offer. On this day we walked and played on the Lake to Lake trail!

On Friday we went to school with my nanny boys preschool class. The two littles and i had so much fun and it was beyond exciting to do a “normal” activity! I already can’t wait to go back with all 3 kids!

We have 3 new tiger Cubs and they are so playful and cute!

A taste of summer

This morning it was 75 degrees outside and we were loving it!!! We took a beautiful walk by the Rocky River. Near the water my nanny girl enjoyed finding shells, a golf ball, a bone, a black walnut and seaweed! Her little sister enjoyed watching the dog play in the water. The warm sun on our skin, the sound of the water falling over the rocks, and the sight of children in every direction, sure make for a pretty amazing day in Northeast Ohio!

My nanny girl thought this was so interesting and wanted to know how names got on the tree!
We decided this was the coolest rock we have ever found!

Monday adventures!

I am so blessed to live not only near Lake Erie but also near the Metroparks. My nanny kids love going for adventures and we always try to hit up new places everyday. Today we went to Wallace Lake. We walked all the trails and met the sweetest little elderly man. He walks 3 miles everyday and then sits on the bench near the water. He told us he has been sitting there for years and has never seen a fisherman catch a fish out of the Lake. “It’s filled with the world’s smartest fish!”

“Look miss jilly its a rainbow!”
This tree was so beautiful and unique. I love how all the branch’s hang downward!
Just taking in the beautiful view!
Have you ever seen a slide with legs?

Ohio is confused

Is it winter? Spring? Summer?

It seems to be all the seasons every week. We go up and down 30 degrees every other day. I’m ready for summer!!!!!

Last week we had a super warm and beautiful day so my husband and i hung out at my parents and enjoyed some time at Lake Erie. It was an absolutely gorgeous day!

After a few more very cold days, Saturday afternoon decided to warm up to 70 with the sun shining down on us. John and Jimmy to the boat out to get it ready for the season. Valerie and i went for a nice long walk in the metro parks!

Sunday night was cold and rainy but we grilled out on our new grill! John made a pork loin, catfish and potatoes. It was delicious and worth sitting in the cold!

Grab the sunglasses Ohio!

What is this bright thing in the sky?

It was FINALLY a beautiful day in northern Ohio! John and i took the girls to the metroparks for a nice 2 mile walk. We could have walked forever but we had other things going on this afternoon. The sun doesn’t come out much these days so we had to make sure we took advantage of it!

I don’t love the creatures that live here but this is a beautiful nest!
It’s a great day when you can finally see your shadow!