Honeymoon night 1

Chapter 2 of the most amazing week…

After we unpacked and explored the grounds, we headed into town. It was less then a mile from the Whaleback Inn and it was a gorgeous drive down the M22 along the lake. The town has less then 500 people and its off season, so it was quiet. Not much is open during the evening and the streets are pretty quiet. The local bank is just an old house. The city does not have a grocery store, but just a tiny market. It has a cute coffee shop, an art gallery, a few clothing stores and a post office.

We found a cute restaurant right along the water that connects Lake Leelanau and Lake Michigan. We were sat near the window that overlooked the waterfall that connected the two.

John had crab and shrimp chowder and a bacon cheeseburger, I had a grilled chicken sandwich.

The decor around the restaurant was vintage and there was so much to see!

After dinner we walked around the old Fishtown. It was all closed up, but the old buildings were beautiful. We knew we had to come back during the day to check it all out.

On the way home we saw a rainbow 🌈