Small town Ice Cream stand

Nothing is better then a local ice cream shop. Nothing! John has been going to the Pied Piper in Huron since he was little and he still enjoys going there all the time. I love it because they have sugar free yogurt! It’s a nice little treat for me every once in a while! Love being part of this Great Lake town!

Butterfinger Flurry
Reese pieces Sunday
Sugar free pumpkin spice yogurt

Girls Day!

The boys went fishing so the girls and i played! We hung out in downtown Vermilion. We went to my favorite place to get ice cream and phosphates. I don’t remember the original name but it’s called Big Ed’s currently. My friend and her husband just took over ownership and i couldn’t be more excited. It has such a vintage feel and i have such wonderful memories of sitting at the “bar” with my grandmother. I can’t wait to see how she improves the old place while keeping the vintage feel!

Mom and her bestie Annalee
Elizabeth with her root beer float
Karalyn and her 2 scoop ice cream. She couldn’t pick just one flavor

After we finished downtown we returned to my parents to swim in the lake!

Emma Day!

“Aunt Jill are you off today?” is the text i received from my oldest niece. I said yes and asked her what was up. She responded with “i thought maybe we could go for some ice cream or something?” Lol ok i can take the hint so of course i went and picked her up. We enjoyed some ice cream and putt putt. The weather was high 70’s and the sun was shining. We laughed and had a lot of fun! Maybe i needed that as much as she did!

Spring Break!

So nothing makes me happier then beautiful weather and no school!!!! My nanny kids got some fun days with their parents and grandparents so i didn’t get the full week with them, but we had a blast on our days together.

Monday i spring cleaned our house and it made me so happy. I cleaned and organized the bedrooms and closets.

Tuesday i cleaned some more, did some choreography for baton, took my niece for ice cream, and had a productive competition practice with my twirlers!

Returned home from baton to my husband cooking on the grill!!!

Wednesday the nanny kids and i went to a playground in Medina. They had so much fun and they have been patiently waiting to go back since last summer. It was 80* and sunny and we were loving it!

Taking a breather on the bench and watching the older two!
My baby girl and i made cards for my great aunt Eda. She absolutely loved them!
Wednesday night we tried some new gluten free products. I found these at Heinens and i was beyond thrilled to find ravioli and fresh pasta. We loved these and will definitely buy again!!!

Thursday was a surprise day off so grandma and grandpa could play with the kids. I did some laundry and a good amount of baton paperwork. I also picked up our new tank tops and organized them by class. Most of the afternoon i relaxed and enjoyed the weather. Thursday night i worked the hell out of my twirlers and i think they are ready for competition weekend!

Friday the nanny kids and i went to another awesome playground. After they played for over an hour, we walked the mile long story book trail and my nanny girl (6) read us the entire story. I’m so proud of her. We ate our picnic lunch by the fishing lake and played a little longer at the playground! Oh and the highlight of the day is we saw a Bald Eagle flying over us. My nanny boy (4) said “I’ve never seen a Bald Eagle in real life!”

Friday afternoon we played in the backyard. My oldest nanny girl created four vaccines for kids as young as one month old. She is going to change the world one day!!!!

Friday’s dinner. John is amazing!