Getting back to normal….

Ok so the pain in my side is not going away but it’s dull compared to what it was at the beginning of the week. Is this all hernia related or is it the endometriosis? Either way i need to learn how to live a normal life without increasing the pain.

Saturday morning we went to the gym. I had not worked out for 5 days and my body doesn’t love that. I just did a nice easy mile walk. I did some arm exercises with the lightest dumbbells they had and not too many sets. Low impact but better than no impact! Also wore colored leggings for the first time ever!

Saturday evening our friends invited us over for dinner. They both work in the medical field and have been so great in giving me advice on my current situation.

They made creamy Italian pasta for dinner. It was all gluten free and they made mine separate with bacon instead of sausage and my sauce didn’t have garlic in it. Lol 😂 darn allergies but they are so awesome to make me a plate of my own. We also had salad and delicious GF cheddar biscuits. For dessert we brought a GF blueberry cobbler. Oh my goodness paired with some vanilla ice cream, it was perfect! Proud of my husband for putting it all together!

After dinner we played two games and shared lots of laughs. We played Mixed Doubles and Farkle. Both games were new to us but easy to learn. John loved Farkle because he is a gambling man. He also won so i guess gambling is a good idea.

My day wasn’t pain free, but it was nice to get off the couch. Hoping to continue to take steps forward over the next few days and also resting as much as possible!

Second week of the year has been a doozy!

We started off having a pretty awesome weekend….short lived 🤣

I have been craving spaghetti squash! We browned some lean ground turkey and added Cleveland’s own marinara sauce. Johnny cooked the squash in the instant pot….only 10 minutes which is amazing! It was even better than i remembered! We need to have this more often!

I’m definitely a creature of habit when it comes to eating. I love to start my day with eggs and toast. This weekend i decided to switch things up and i made some protein pancakes. I didn’t want the extra calories from syrup so i just flavored with a little bit of butter and cinnamon. They were really good!

Sunday night we had pork chops, mixed veggies and some low carb noodles!

Monday we had steak, asparagus and brown rice!

Wednesday night we made stuffed acorn squash. Oh my goodness this was so delicious!

Are you all wondering why this week was a “doozy?” Well starting Monday i was having horrible pains in my side. I still worked and coached but i was afraid to workout because i didn’t know what the pain was. Wednesday night i went to bed and about an hour later i woke up with excruciating pain on my lift side. This continued THE ENTIRE NIGHT! I was exhausted. John had been trying to get me to go to the ER all night. Finally fell back asleep a little after 5 and woke up to the alarm at 6am. Felt terrible. John (with the help of my boss) finally talked me into going to the ER. Also mom said it might be a good idea.

We walked in a little before 7am and they took me back immediately! What!? The nurse shared with us that for weeks now the wait has been anywhere from 8-18 hours!!!!! Phew we got lucky!

The ran blood work, urine and did a CT! We hung out waiting for results. They gave me some IV fluids but i refused pain medication. While laying around the Brookpark squad brought in a young lady who was definitely on drugs. Five police officers stood outside her room. She was mean and nasty to everyone but it was entertaining for all. She was also demanding food. She would say things like “But do y’all got any food!? I know you have food. This is a hospital right? I could go for some lasagna. You’re fat. You’re a bitch. I need my medicine NOW.” You get the gist. One police officer asked if i wanted my door closed. Um no I’m fully enjoying this show! i will add she received a hot breakfast from downstairs pretty quick. Meanwhile i was starving 🤣

After about 3 hours we had all my results. Only thing they found was a small hernia but that’s it. Super happy nothing major was wrong but not happy to endure this pain with no answers. Bottom line I’m healthy and will continue to live a healthy life.

John made me a yummy grilled cheese sandwich and some chicken noodle soup for dinner. Comfort food makes everything better!

Friday showed some improvement but still definitely in pain. I’m taking ibuprofen which is helping and i finally was able to sleep. For dinner we made steak fajitas. Praying this weekend continues to move in the right direction!

Happy Healthy Halloween

Just because it’s a holiday doesn’t mean we need to eat crap!!!! My husband and i made the family some chicken and rice stuffed peppers (Halloween style) and some sugar free pumpkin cupcake muffins (with a few chocolate chips sprinkled in) for dessert! Healthy doesn’t have to taste bad!!! Enjoy life and don’t deprive yourself of good food, just learn how to adapt and make healthier versions!!!

Healthy Lifestyle Update

Well it’s been almost 8 weeks since my last update. I’m down 26 pounds and my body fat percentage is down 12.5%!!!! I’ve lost 10.5” between my waist and hips! My resting heart rate continues to decrease and my sleep number continues to go up. I still haven’t had a headache the entire summer! I work out almost everyday! My skin is the softest it’s ever been and my complexion is 100% better! Our house is full of all healthy foods and you won’t find any junk food in our cupboards!

There are so many benefits to living a healthy lifestyle and I’m so grateful John is equally as passionate and dedicated!

After a great workout!

Update on my lifestyle changes!

If you haven’t read my blog of how I’m rewriting my story please check out the link below!

These last four weeks have been amazing. I feel like a new person. My headaches are gone, my resting heart rate is lower, I’m sleeping so much better, and my energy level is way up. And might i add I’m only drink one cup of coffee a day. What!?!?! I have completely eliminated processed sugars! Everything i put in my body is naturally giving me fuel and I’ve never felt better!

In just 4 weeks I’m down 12 pounds. I’m also down 8 inches and my body fat percentage is down 7%.

This is just the beginning of my new story but i would say I’m off to a great start. Huge shoutout to my husband who has fully supported my lifestyle change and has made it so easy for me. He truly is my biggest cheerleader. Also to my parents who adjust their schedule to eat on mine when we spend the weekend with them!

I’ll check back in another 4 weeks! Healthy living=happy living!

This weeks menu from the J & J Diner!

Ok this first delicious wrap is actually from Heinens. How good does it look!? It was actually really delicious. The wrap was not gluten free so i only ate half and John took the other half for lunch. It was turkey, cheddar, bacon and honey mustard wrap with some lettuce, tomatoes and onions on it. Highly recommend!

Monday night we grilled pork chops, potatoes and asparagus on the grill! The flavor was so great with a little bit of seasoning and some Stubbs BBQ sauce on top!

Wednesday night we grilled turkey burgers and zucchini spears! So simple yet so flavorful!!!! I love grilling season 😂

Thursday night my husband prepared some gluten free fresh cheese raviolis (shoutout to Heinens), turkey kielbasa, zucchini and tomato sauce. He told me he was laughing as he made this because turkey kielbasa does not go with ravioli but you know what i thought it tasted great! He should know never to question my craziness 😂

Spring Break!

So nothing makes me happier then beautiful weather and no school!!!! My nanny kids got some fun days with their parents and grandparents so i didn’t get the full week with them, but we had a blast on our days together.

Monday i spring cleaned our house and it made me so happy. I cleaned and organized the bedrooms and closets.

Tuesday i cleaned some more, did some choreography for baton, took my niece for ice cream, and had a productive competition practice with my twirlers!

Returned home from baton to my husband cooking on the grill!!!

Wednesday the nanny kids and i went to a playground in Medina. They had so much fun and they have been patiently waiting to go back since last summer. It was 80* and sunny and we were loving it!

Taking a breather on the bench and watching the older two!
My baby girl and i made cards for my great aunt Eda. She absolutely loved them!
Wednesday night we tried some new gluten free products. I found these at Heinens and i was beyond thrilled to find ravioli and fresh pasta. We loved these and will definitely buy again!!!

Thursday was a surprise day off so grandma and grandpa could play with the kids. I did some laundry and a good amount of baton paperwork. I also picked up our new tank tops and organized them by class. Most of the afternoon i relaxed and enjoyed the weather. Thursday night i worked the hell out of my twirlers and i think they are ready for competition weekend!

Friday the nanny kids and i went to another awesome playground. After they played for over an hour, we walked the mile long story book trail and my nanny girl (6) read us the entire story. I’m so proud of her. We ate our picnic lunch by the fishing lake and played a little longer at the playground! Oh and the highlight of the day is we saw a Bald Eagle flying over us. My nanny boy (4) said “I’ve never seen a Bald Eagle in real life!”

Friday afternoon we played in the backyard. My oldest nanny girl created four vaccines for kids as young as one month old. She is going to change the world one day!!!!

Friday’s dinner. John is amazing!