Fourth of July

What a fun night! We spent the evening on the lakefront hanging out as a family. The girls had fun with glow sticks and we started a dance party that attracted many other children. One family was doing free face painting and another family was making cotton candy. I love our small community and the family atmosphere. We watched fireworks line the lake from Vermilion to Huron. We also we able to see Cedar Points, Kellys Island, and Catawba!

Mitiwanga, Ohio Parade

A small community just between Vermilion and Huron is where my family is from. It’s a beautiful and quant neighborhood on the lakefront. Only a small amount of families live out here year round, but the same renters always seem to return every summer. This year the park was packed and it was amazing. The beach was lined with towels, umbrellas, and families. The lake was full of kids playing games and laughing. We kicked off the day with our annual parade. The kids decorated their bikes and their parents walked beside them in their patriotic gear. My bonus daughter led the parade twirling to the patriotic playlist. It has been a tradition for many decades and we love keeping that tradition alive!