Homemade pizza

Last night we celebrated our 1 1/2 year anniversary with homemade pizza. Lol our first date was to a pizza place (my choice) so pizza seems to be the best way to celebrate our love. Also we would ALWAYS prefer to make food fresh at home vs ordering in! We used Bobs Red Mill gluten free crust, garlic free tomato sauce, turkey pepperonis, red bell peppers and Mexican cheese. It was delicious!

This weeks menu from the J & J Diner!

Ok this first delicious wrap is actually from Heinens. How good does it look!? It was actually really delicious. The wrap was not gluten free so i only ate half and John took the other half for lunch. It was turkey, cheddar, bacon and honey mustard wrap with some lettuce, tomatoes and onions on it. Highly recommend!

Monday night we grilled pork chops, potatoes and asparagus on the grill! The flavor was so great with a little bit of seasoning and some Stubbs BBQ sauce on top!

Wednesday night we grilled turkey burgers and zucchini spears! So simple yet so flavorful!!!! I love grilling season 😂

Thursday night my husband prepared some gluten free fresh cheese raviolis (shoutout to Heinens), turkey kielbasa, zucchini and tomato sauce. He told me he was laughing as he made this because turkey kielbasa does not go with ravioli but you know what i thought it tasted great! He should know never to question my craziness 😂

Perfect ending to a long day

Working two jobs in one day is exhausting but i am lucky because i love what i do. I nannied all day and then coached baton twirling all evening. I came home to my husband cooking pork chops and asparagus. So fresh, healthy and delicious. After dinner we put our feet up and relaxed. This beautiful moon was the perfect sight to see just before heading to bed. Always be grateful for what you have and live in the moment!

Pre-made GF cookie dough!?

It’s always exciting to discover new gluten free products at the store. Today i found these break and back cookies. They also had double chocolate but i can’t resist a tradition chocolate chip cookie. These cookies are pretty good. I probably could have baked them another minute or two but who doesn’t love a soft and gooey cookie!? I would definitely buy these again. They were easy and convenient which is always a nice option and welcomed break from making food from scratch!

My love/hate relationship with being gluten free!

Now being gluten free is by no means a choice, but rather a necessity to feeling like a human. I am blessed that i do not have celiac disease but my body does not digest gluten well. I love that being gluten free forces us to cook and eat healthier foods. Tonight i really wanted a chicken philly sandwich, but this required me baking my own bread. If i could just eat any “normal” bread, i would just have run to the store and grabbed a loaf. This is what i love/hate. Since i needed gluten free bread, it was off to the kitchen to make some from scratch. It was so warm and delicious and for this i am so thankful i had to bake my own!

Firehouse gluten free sub

Tonight i tried the gluten free bun at Firehouse Subs. This is how my conversation went with the young man behind the counter: YM: do you have issues with cross contamination? Me: no but i appreciate you asking. YM: i appreciate you saying no. Haha i couldn’t help but chuckle but seriously i am so grateful i do not have celiac disease or an extreme sensitivity that i have to worry about cross contamination.

As for my review of their bun……wow so much better than Jersey Mikes. I would definitely eat at both places, but the bun is so much softer at Firehouse. I am also so happy that both places offer a gluten free option because i love subs!

Happiness is Homemade!

The silver lining to this pandemic truly is not having the temptation to eat out. Don’t get me wrong we still get take out from local restaurants, but we really do enjoy cooking together. All our meals that i blog about are gluten free unless i state otherwise. Over 15 years ago i had an allergic reaction to an antibiotic and my small intestine swelled shut. This trauma to my intestine makes it difficult for my body to digest gluten and i feel miserable when i have gluten.

Brisket in the Instant Pot and rosemary potatoes in the Air Fryer!
Sausage, Biscuit, and Gravy
Philly cheesesteak on a baguette
Baguette recipe from Gluten Free on a shoestring. These were amazing!

GF cookies from scratch

I love that there are so many gluten free mixes now but i have to say nothing is better than homemade. My boss gave me a sign for my kitchen that says “happiness is homemade” and this is so true. Ive recently made the GF Betty Crocker chocolate chip cookies and they had really great flavor, but i feel they are a little sweeter than i prefer. I found this GF cookie recipe online and in my opinion they are the best GF cookies I’ve ever had. They do take some work and John makes an awesome assistant but they are so worth it.

Dinner is served….

Italian turkey, zucchini, yellow squash and gluten free noodles!

I will never get tired of assisting John in the kitchen. He is an amazing cook and always comes up with a healthy meal. I sliced up some fresh veggies to cook with the sweet Italian sausage. We added barilla gluten free pasta, Italian dressing and some Parmesan cheese! Karalyn ate 3 bowls of it so i think it is safe to say it was delicious!