Perfect weekend for boating!

The temps in northeast ohio this weekend we in the high 80’s. Super blessed my family has a boat for us all to enjoy. Some of us ventured out just to enjoy the lake and others of us went fishing. Lake Erie is so beautiful and i am so grateful to live where i do. Winter months can seem so long, but its so worth it went summer finally arrives. I look forward to a summer on the water!

family is everything
Look at these cuties enjoying lunch on the lake while we pass by on the boat!

On the water is where I’m meant to be!

Saturday was hot and beautiful. During the day we went up to Marblehead Ohio to fish. Check out how packed this parking lot is. The boat ramp at Mazurik was packed and it made my heart so happy to see so many people out and enjoying the weather!

We caught so many blue gill and white perch. At one point every cast i made, i hooked a fish. We didn’t keep any but it was so much fun!

After dinner we returned to the lake. This time we were fishing for walleye off the pier in Huron, Ohio. We didn’t catch any but ugh there were so many out there. We could hear and see them chasing bait fish but they weren’t fooled by my lures! Oh well it was amazing to fish under the glow of the moon with my wonderful husband!

Things I’ve learned about ice fishing!

* a pink rod is a must….you might not catch more fish but you will look super cute

*a lot of women and children ice fish…..more than i see during the summer

* sharp blades and the correct size blades on an auger make drilling a hole much easier…..also let the boys do that because their shoulders burn the next day 😂

*you must be willing to pee in a bucket

*you are sitting for long periods of time, so bring some snacks!

Entering the ice covered lake
On the lake

Ice fishing

Today i tried ice fishing. John has been ice fishing many times, but this was a new adventure for me. Wow it was really fun. When he asked me if i wanted to go i said “yes but I’m scared!” That feeling didn’t change until i was walking up to the ice. I couldn’t believe how many people were on the ice. There were men, woman and children everywhere. I immediately felt so much better. I also felt so much better when i looked in the hole and saw just how thick the ice actually was. Overall it was an amazing adventure and i knew i was in good hands. I look forward to doing it again. Honestly this is my idea of a fun weekend and i truly enjoy doing outdoor activities with my husband! ‘