A Beautiful ending to 2021!

Today was gorgeous. It was 50° and sunny. Not your typical weather for the end of December in Cleveland Ohio. We of course decided we needed to spend the day outside. After our morning workout we headed to Huron. The public boat launch looked like a summer afternoon! We fished on the pier with our friend, Gene. I was super excited to use my brand new wagon that john got me for Christmas! My dad was doing important year end stuff for work, but during his break they brought Abby for a walk and joined us!!! I was able to take photos while the boys tended to the rods in the lake. I also made lots of four legged friends. We ended up with 2 perch just over 11” each. While John was bleeding out the fish, he also bled himself out 🙄. Thank goodness he married a nanny whose mother is a nurse. We cleaned with some water, put a bandaid on it and then wrapped it with a clean sock! He was good as new, at least enough to get us home. Overall excellent day spent with friends and family.

Proud wife!

There are so many things about my husband that make me proud, but seeing him smile while he is fishing brings so much joy to my heart! We are in the middle of the fall brawl tournament and my husband has been very busy fishing during all his free time. He recently caught a larger fish that put him on the leader board. Now as the temps start to fall, the fish start to weigh more so the hunt for a bigger fish continues. But look how happy he is!

Fall Fishing in flip flops!

Northeast Ohio is clearly confused. The forecast is high 70’s and low 80’s for the first few weeks!

No complaints here though. It’s strange to see all the fall decorations while wearing shorts, tank tops and flip flops but we all know i love summer. Today we went out fishing and it was so warm. A beautiful afternoon before a storm rolled in. Enjoying every moment of nice weather while we can!

We saw about a dozen small planes heading east to beat the storms!

A friendly tavern and fishing!

Chapter 8….

For lunch we stopped at Joe’s friendly tavern in Empire. Another very small town that reminded me of New Martinsville, WV. It had a store or two, a restaurant and a post office. The restaurant was like a small rustic diner. The servers were so friendly and the food was delicious.

After lunch John was itching to fish. We went back up North, just outside of Leland. We found a cute little park with tree trunk stairs leading down to the water. John didn’t catch anything but i think he just enjoyed fishing on the beautiful lake.

The Catfish Queen and King

Another day fishing with my guys! We set out for walleye but the catfish like me more. We caught white bass, baby walleyes and catfish. We had one keeper walleye but we had a lot of activity. Not once but twice we had a Folino fire drill. John was netting a fish for my dad and boom i hooked a fish. We were both reeling in and John had to double net us. It was fun and we laughed a lot. Of course this would have been more exciting if we were doubling up on walleye but catfish put up an exciting fight!

I drove the boat!
John’s line wrapped around the prop!
Seconds before i hooked my fish
Dad with his monster cat
My big catch of the day
Feel free to hire me for all your cleaning needs

Good morning fishies!

This morning we woke up before the roosters to get in some fishing before the hot sun arrived. It was absolutely beautiful and peaceful. We had a lot of action and some good fights. We also caught some extremely small fish which gave us all a good laugh. Fishing with my dad and my husband is always enjoyable.

The virus is in full swing again and the world can sometimes seems scary. We now have family and a friend with the Covid virus. The adults have been vaccinated but the children have not. This virus does not care. It’s been a year and we are back where we started.

But this time we have a boat and I’m so grateful for that. The three of us our vaccinated. We can be care free for a few hours and that is priceless.

Stay safe and healthy everyone. Pray for those fighting the virus.

My healthy snack and breakfast on the boat!

Day Date at the Islands

We started the day with a boat ride down the Huron river. Lake Erie was really rough but the weather was amazing. We decided to go have lunch and shop in Port Clinton and Marblehead. After we were finished we returned to the boat. The lake was still kind of rough. John would have fished but it made me nervous so we returned to the dock. He of course still fished from the parked boat 😂 and of course caught a fish! Overall it was an amazing day!!!!

Love my dirty hooker fishing clothes!
Obviously this should be my boat
My lunch date is gorgeous
Ok who is buying me this????
Always anchor your bike!
Love antiques

Days off on the water are the best!

John and i both had a day off from work and we took full advantage of the gorgeous weather. We picked up my father in law and headed to the boat. We spent a few hours trolling for walleye. The baby walleye sure came out to play but the keepers were hiding. We did manage to catch a few to bring home for dinner. A day on the boat is always the best day no matter how many fish we catch!