Cedar Point

We had a wonderful day at cedar point with our girls. We had season passes last year that we never got to use because of Covid. This year cedar point finally reopened and honored all pass holders!!!! They are also celebrating their 150th anniversary officially this year! We already can’t wait to go back!

We found our Folino family brick ❤️
My oldest took this of me and my youngest in the car 🤣

It’s a running joke with my dad that he always puts his hands up on the train, so of course we had to do it too!


No really move out of the way when my youngest is swinging. I think her ball spent more time off the course then on it! Lol but we had so much fun despite it being 44* outside!

The sign behind her says “please do not climb on rocks” Apparently public schools no longer teach reading!

We had to play with the cow before the girls got ice cream!

Cow tipping!

I’ve waited over a year….

Today was the first time in over a year that i was able to hug my father. This meant more to me then anything!

My parents stopped by to say hello and bring us carrot cake. We still aren’t celebrating all together because everyone is not vaccinated but we are getting there!

*sidenote:during this pandemic mom has still given us hugs but dad is more cautious as he has a underlying condition that makes him high risk! We are so thankful for the vaccine!

Happy Easter!

Painting with peeps. This is my nanny boys finished project!
My nanny girl made me this!
My nanny girl is only 6 but so talented!
My dad, Abby and Cally!
Easter prep for all the Easter baskets
Snap from my niece
Baskets for our girls
My awesome new fishing shirt from my amazing husband!
John made me my grandmas ham loaf. An Easter tradition in my family!
Mom’s amazing carrot cake!
Karalyn’s basket from grandma and grandpa
Elizabeth’s basket from grandma and grandpa
Our adult Easter basket