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Hold the gluten….

Sadly over the past 8 weeks we haven’t been creating and cooking amazing meals. We absolute love cooking together and eating healthy meals at home.

Sadly my immune system was attacking my body for reasons we don’t know. Rashes, abdominals pain, asthmatic issues, racing heart, dizzy spells, had become the new normal. Several visits to the ER. Many doctor visits. Blood work. CT scans. Heart monitor. X-rays. No answers. Finally we got smart and switched from university hospitals over to the Cleveland Clinic. I found the most PCP who got me in immediately to see an immunologist. The universe finally aligned! Through what seemed like a billion more blood test, we maybe had an answer 😂. Most of my tests were normal which was bitter sweet. Nothing was giving us that home run answer we were looking for. We did discover i had Hashimoto disease, but my thyroid functions are normal. So now we have discovered i have an autoimmune disease. What the doctors think happened is i had some sort of virus (possibly even Covid) and it caused my immune system to flare and my entire system went out of whack. Basically for weeks i was reacting to anything and everything. It was absolutely miserable. So after living on gluten free bread, gluten free noodles and vegan butter, my body started to heal. So now I’m a week in to introducing real food to my body. I’m not in the clear by any means because I’m still dealing with stomach aches and my body relies heavily on antihistamines every 12 hours.

Bottom line between being gluten intolerant and having endometriosis and now Hashimoto disease, i need to keep gluten out of my diet like 99% of the time. I use to be able to incorporate it more often but that’s not the case anymore. I also need to watch my dairy intake. Anti inflammatory foods are the key to feeling my best!

So with all that being said, we are back to cooking together again. Just this time around we will hold the gluten!

We love salads
Homemade gluten free chicken nuggets
Local farm fresh eggs 🥚 from Jimmy’s chickens
Fresh walleye caught today, rice, asparagus
Grilled chicken salad, rice, asparagus

Endometriosis 🎗Warrior

I was diagnosed almost 20 years ago with endometriosis. I am by no means a doctor or an expert in this field. I actually didn’t start “suffering” from endometriosis until the last few years….or so i thought!

So recently i have entered stage 3/4 of endometriosis and i decided to really learn about the disease. I have read several blogs, medical websites and brochures. Again, i am not an expert or a medical person, just a victim of the disease that has no cure. Through my readings i have learned just how much endometriosis has been effecting me for two decades and i had no idea it was all related! It’s quite fascinating and I’m mad at myself for not educating myself sooner. Also kind of mad for my doctor not encouraging me to learn more or letting me know just how serious it is. I was in my young 20’s and just kind of shrugged it off. I thought oh well i have some irregular cells on my cervix, no big deal. WRONG!!!!

I have learned that 1 in 10 women suffer from endometriosis which is a condition where tissue, similar to the lining of the uterus, is found elsewhere in the body! There is no cure and ultimately having surgery is the only way to ease the pain or eliminate it.

Side effects that i suffer from are extreme pelvic pain, lower back pain, leg and hip pain. Also fatigue, bloating, nausea, infertility, anxiety, migraines, and allergies. Phew that’s a lot! Some things that help (a little) are rest, ibuprofen and a hot water bottle. Also regular exercise has really helped, yet some months are still rough.

People with endometriosis are significantly more likely to suffer from allergies. A study published in the journal Human Reproduction found that 61% of people with endometriosis live with allergies. This includes environmental, food and medication. All things i suffer from.

Another major thing i suffer from is bloating. We aren’t talking just a little bloat once a month, we are talking internally. I’ve learned this can last hours, days of weeks. They actually call this SIBO which stands for small intestinal bacterial overgrowth. Hmmm was this the pain that caused me to go to the ER? Was this the mystery stomach pain that had me in the hospital for several days in 2008? I’m 100% sure it was. Endometriosis tissue swells and because it isn’t where it should be, it gets trapped and causes digestive problems. Because i suffer from a comprised gut, it causes a histamine intolerance and allergies.

What this tells me is i need to adjust my diet, even though i really eat pretty healthy. Diet improves the response to pain. The wrong kinds of foods, like high fat foods, increase the level of circulating estrogen in the body. I just need to be conscious of inflammatory foods such as red meat, gluten, dairy, alcohol and caffeine. Strangely enough a lot of people with endometriosis have a gluten intolerance, which i discovered i do over a decade ago. For the most part i do avoid inflammatory foods but i love me some coffee 😬! I need to look into a low FODMAP diet more and also increase my fiber, which also could help with the “Endo belly!” Fresh fruit and organic foods are best and of course avoiding processed foods! Berries are good because they are high in antioxidants!

As you can see this disease is way more powerful than i ever knew. It’s not just a “once a month issue,” it’s completely unpredictable which makes it extra fun 🙄! I’m learning, but I’m also realizing how much it has affected me for decades. A lot of questions have been answered, yet i have a long way to go!