Recreating our first date!

Three years ago, my now husband, asked me if i would like to go on a date. I said yes!!! He said if you could have anything i the world to eat what would you pick? I said pizza 😂! He took me to an amazing pizza place in Valley City, Ohio. Today we went there again to celebrate that special day. It was even better! So blessed this man asked me out on a date 3 years ago. I am forever grateful for him!

My side salad
Mac & cheese and bacon egg rolls
He got the spinachi pizza and i had cheese and green pepper

Day Date at the Islands

We started the day with a boat ride down the Huron river. Lake Erie was really rough but the weather was amazing. We decided to go have lunch and shop in Port Clinton and Marblehead. After we were finished we returned to the boat. The lake was still kind of rough. John would have fished but it made me nervous so we returned to the dock. He of course still fished from the parked boat 😂 and of course caught a fish! Overall it was an amazing day!!!!

Love my dirty hooker fishing clothes!
Obviously this should be my boat
My lunch date is gorgeous
Ok who is buying me this????
Always anchor your bike!
Love antiques

Day date!

Last Sunday we enjoyed a delicious lunch at Rudy’s in vermilion. It’s a bar and grill near downtown Vermilion, Ohio. The menu has a large variety of appetizers, burgers, wings, sandwiches and sides. The head cook is amazing and she always has the freshest food and the best recipes for her menu. After lunch we walked around and checked out all the quant little shops. Now in typical small town America, a lot of places are closed on Sunday’s. As inconvenient as this may be, i secretly love that they do this because years ago (many, many years ago) most places were closed on Sunday!!!

Crab cakes
Sun kissed from fishing