Baton birthday!

Thursday i celebrated my birthday with my favorite group of girls. It was also my student, Alyssa’s, birthday so we had a double celebration. My amazing mother made me Care Bear belly badge cookies and also some sunglasses since that’s my favorite accessory! She truly is so talented and they taste delicious. She of course made me a gluten free birthday badge!


Thank you to my mom for making these amazing cookies for John’s birthday! He doesn’t like cake (what!?) but he loves cookies! How creative is she??? Also a huge thank you to her for also making me gluten free cookies!

It’s a great week for the gluten free community!

So not only did Dunkin Donuts bring back their gluten free brownie, but Oreo also released their gluten free cookies! The brownie is fudgie, soft and thick. It did not disappoint. The Oreo tastes just like the original. I would not be able to tell the difference in a blind test and that is rare with gluten free. I don’t eat sweets a lot but i do enjoy a nice treat every once in awhile!!!!