My nanny girl said the F word!

Today my nanny girl(6) built a podium so she could give her presidential speech. When she was done she opened it up for questions. I asked her to address the high gas prices. She said they will speak of that during the podcast but i couldn’t listen because it’s for kids and I’m FORTY!!! Excuse me!? How old am i? Oh no she didn’t! I quickly explained to her that i was only 40 on one day this year….the day of my mammogram and vaccination. I have now returned back to the age of 25! Obviously i need to find a new job where the children will respect me and never speak of my “real” age again!

She’s so creative and inventive!

Kids say the darndest things pt. 2

Conversations with my nanny girl (6)

Me: hey our old school is hiring teachers NG: are you going to go back there? Me: no way I’m staying with you guys NG: well at least until we are all teenagers and then we can take care of ourselves!

NG: are you going to teach baton forever? Me: yes NG: even when you are old? Me: i sure hope so. At least until i can’t walk NG: well when you are old and can’t walk you can do videos on YouTube teaching people how to say the alphabet in sign language. You are really good at that Me: ha thanks girl. I have many talents 😉

Nanny boy(4): i don’t want to play on the spinny thing. It makes me feel dizzy. It also makes me feel like i have gas in my head.

My nanny girl(6) has informed me today that once you turn 48 you can no longer pop out babies. Also once you turn 37 you only have a 14% chance of popping a baby out!

Spring Break!

So nothing makes me happier then beautiful weather and no school!!!! My nanny kids got some fun days with their parents and grandparents so i didn’t get the full week with them, but we had a blast on our days together.

Monday i spring cleaned our house and it made me so happy. I cleaned and organized the bedrooms and closets.

Tuesday i cleaned some more, did some choreography for baton, took my niece for ice cream, and had a productive competition practice with my twirlers!

Returned home from baton to my husband cooking on the grill!!!

Wednesday the nanny kids and i went to a playground in Medina. They had so much fun and they have been patiently waiting to go back since last summer. It was 80* and sunny and we were loving it!

Taking a breather on the bench and watching the older two!
My baby girl and i made cards for my great aunt Eda. She absolutely loved them!
Wednesday night we tried some new gluten free products. I found these at Heinens and i was beyond thrilled to find ravioli and fresh pasta. We loved these and will definitely buy again!!!

Thursday was a surprise day off so grandma and grandpa could play with the kids. I did some laundry and a good amount of baton paperwork. I also picked up our new tank tops and organized them by class. Most of the afternoon i relaxed and enjoyed the weather. Thursday night i worked the hell out of my twirlers and i think they are ready for competition weekend!

Friday the nanny kids and i went to another awesome playground. After they played for over an hour, we walked the mile long story book trail and my nanny girl (6) read us the entire story. I’m so proud of her. We ate our picnic lunch by the fishing lake and played a little longer at the playground! Oh and the highlight of the day is we saw a Bald Eagle flying over us. My nanny boy (4) said “I’ve never seen a Bald Eagle in real life!”

Friday afternoon we played in the backyard. My oldest nanny girl created four vaccines for kids as young as one month old. She is going to change the world one day!!!!

Friday’s dinner. John is amazing!

Fake summer

Wow has Mother Nature been kind to northern Ohio this week. Mid 60’s everyday is a welcomed break from winter. My nanny kids and i have been outside all day for 3 days straight and it has been WONDERFUL!!!! Walks, playgrounds and backyard playing has occupied all our free time. The have slept great and so has their nanny!

We found the first flower of 2021!

On Tuesday night i took my trio group outside to twirl and work on their routine. It was so nice and the sunset in the background was breathtaking!

Nanny Fun!

This was the first craft that all 3 kids could participate in. We made a few adaptations for each kid based on their skills but overall they did the same activity. It was fun, but simple, and we love decorating the house!

We also stopped by the park to see if we could find any “signs” of spring. You see yesterday it was warm and in the mid 50’s and today is was snowing and in the low 30’s. We are soooo ready for spring. Here are some things we found that made us confident spring is just around the corner 😉

It was no walk in the park…

The aftermath of a warm february day in ohio….

The park was covered in ice and iced footsteps on all the pathways. My older nanny girl thought it was fun! It was an adventurous walk but all 3 of us made it to the swings. After we played for a little bit we walked over the check out the waterfall.

The water was rushing, very high and super muddy from all the snow melting. In the summer time we see fishermen standing on these rocks and children swimming in this area. Not today! We enjoyed watching it from the observation deck above!