Evening Stroll

This week was rough. The constant rain and humidity also made it rough. But we survived. The rain has stopped. The humidity has dropped. Ahhhh deep breaths!

Last night John and i walked around downtown Huron and along the pier. In town they had a band which lots of people were gathered. Bikes lined the lake front and a crowd of lawn chairs filled the area. The air smelled of boardwalk food.

The pier was busy with locals and tourists. The bars were busy and they too had live music. The pier was covered in debris from all the rain. The river leading out to the lake was like a wave pool. People were still walking with their family and pets. Some brave souls even rode their bikes and scooters around all the sticks.

We enjoyed the peacefulness of the sunset and people watching. Cedar point was so easy to see in the night sky.

Sometimes it’s nice to just take a walk, breath fresh air, and remember all we are blessed with!

Fish Fest

Today my husband, father and i set out to catch some walleye. Mission completed! I w caught 8 and kept 4! The weather was absolutely perfect. I could sit on the water all day. It’s so peaceful and stress free.

Today i also brought my cameras and captured some photos on our ride out. The Huron river is so beautiful and surrounded by cute bars and restaurants. We saw all kinds of water craft vessels from kayaks to large yachts. It’s a good mix of local people and vacationers.

Cedar Point Round 2!

We spent another day at Cedar Point! It rained during the lunch hour, so we left and had lunch at Berardis in Huron, Ohio. After we returned for the afternoon it was perfect weather. We rode lots more rides and our 10 year old would ride everything if she could. I love seeing her excitement as i was the same way at that age. Now i have developed a little more of a fear but i still ride some of the more “smaller” coasters. My husband took one for the team and rode the power tower with her! Big sis took her on the Raptor!!! All in all she was really happy and we all had lots of fun!

Rain delay
Perfectly captures all of our personalities
My face when my 10 year old is driving me around
Thanks daddy!
Henna tattoo

Cedar Point

We had a wonderful day at cedar point with our girls. We had season passes last year that we never got to use because of Covid. This year cedar point finally reopened and honored all pass holders!!!! They are also celebrating their 150th anniversary officially this year! We already can’t wait to go back!

We found our Folino family brick ❤️
My oldest took this of me and my youngest in the car 🤣

It’s a running joke with my dad that he always puts his hands up on the train, so of course we had to do it too!