First week of summer break was hot!

What an awesome first week of summer. The nanny kids and i did swimming lessons, the splash pad and played at several playgrounds. We had our first official summer picnic and we just enjoyed the beautiful weather!

My bonus daughters came over tonight for their weekend with us and we wasted no time! My youngest and i headed straight to the pool!

This summer sure is looking better then last summer. I love warm weather and sunshine.

Off to middle school!

Well our youngest just finished 4th grade and is off to middle school! Last week she had her ukulele concert. Yesterday was her field day and clap out. Today was her award ceremony. It’s been emotional for her.

Her bestie Alayna who was also one of my students!

Because of Covid only 2 people could attend her events but her dad took photos for me!

My nephew, Henry, and my niece, Emma also will be at the middle school next year. I can not believe they are so old

My other niece, Cally, will be heading to 4th grade this year. Seriously werent they all just babies!?