Happy birthday to my person!

John turned 46! He’s like fine wine and keeps getting better with age! I had to work and coach on his actually birthday, so we celebrated the day before. He had Maya (Mexican) for dinner and i got him cookies and Buckeyes from Dick’s Bakery for his dessert. He is not a cake guy so i made sure to get him some of his favorite treats. John didn’t make me sing to him but i made sure he had candles to blow out. It was a nice evening together!

Build A Bear, Birthday, Baton

Another busy but fun week. My parents gifted my bonus daughter a gift card to build a bear so she could make a stuffed animal with a new heart like her. She chose the 25th anniversary heart puppy. It was perfect and she had fun making it. You’re never too old for a new stuffy!

Another year around the sun for my mother in law. We celebrated a little early so the girls could be there. My oldest bonus daughter had a friends party to go to but my youngest replaced her with her bestie 😂. We had a nice dinner and they enjoyed cake! Always fun to get together and celebrate a special day for a wonderful woman!

My alumni twirler is a senior on the Ohio State twirling team. They traveled to Disney for the twirlmania competition. They won 1st place and i could not be more happy for Sydney and her team!

Baton birthday!

Thursday i celebrated my birthday with my favorite group of girls. It was also my student, Alyssa’s, birthday so we had a double celebration. My amazing mother made me Care Bear belly badge cookies and also some sunglasses since that’s my favorite accessory! She truly is so talented and they taste delicious. She of course made me a gluten free birthday badge!

I’m 25 again!

Well another year around the sun for me! Also another Covid birthday. We are pretty much in the same place we were a year ago with the Delta variant spreading like wild fire. I now know about a dozen people with Covid and sadly some of these are children. I guess the old saying is true “some people just never learn” and now the kids are paying the price.

But anyways, back to me. It was a wonderful birthday at home. My boss gave me the day off and i cleaned, did laundry, worked on baton order forms and got up to date on my scrapbook!

I also got a FaceTime call from my gorgeous niece. My brother called me in the evening on his way out of town for work!

After John was done with work he got us Mexican take out from our favorite local place. His parents came over for dinner also. I made sugar free cupcakes so we had a place to put the candles. It was low key but we do what we have to in order to keep everyone healthy!

Super excited about this new toy!
My new pants say Pink Ladies!

My nanny family always finds me the sweetest gifts and makes me homemade cards. The are the best gift i could ever receive!

Loving my new coffee cup!
“Sparkly like your personality”
My parents got me an Amazon gift card and these are my first purchases!
How adorable is the wall art from Annalee??!

Cally’s 9!

Time is passing by so quickly! Cally had a Moana themed birthday party. The day was filled with laughter and screams of about 20 kids. They played in the pool and sprinkler slide. They are pizza, snow cones, cake and candy from the piñata. Cally received lots of craft kits and some stem kits. She loves creating and learning!

Abby and my parents
Abby and the cutest dad ever!
KC and Abby
Cookies made by my mom
The girls colored pictures for decorations
My pretty girls
Cally and Karalyn being crazy

Dad’s Birthday!

My dad turned 66 on the Fourth of July. Did you know the fireworks were to celebrate his life ? 😂

It was a wonderful day spent with family. We had a parade, swam in the lake, ate good food, had cake and ice cream, and ended the night with fireworks!

Still so handsome!
Mini cones for the win!