Baton birthday!

Thursday i celebrated my birthday with my favorite group of girls. It was also my student, Alyssa’s, birthday so we had a double celebration. My amazing mother made me Care Bear belly badge cookies and also some sunglasses since that’s my favorite accessory! She truly is so talented and they taste delicious. She of course made me a gluten free birthday badge!


Oh the worst part of owning and coaching a baton twirling team! The girls have known for months the date of tryouts. We spent 8 weeks of this summer preparing them for it. All competition girls came together. We ran 3 routines over and over again. We did full groups and then split them into smaller groups. We had them do each routine until we were confident we saw every girl perform beginning to end. The girls were there for an hour and a half total. They were all in a great mood and very cooperative. We sent them home and us 3 coaches discussed what we just saw. We were unanimous in our decisions of where each girls should be placed for the upcoming season. Basically nothing needed to be discussed as we were all on the same page!

As soon as i got home i sent out text to each girl congratulating them and telling them their new team. About 15 minutes later my phone started going off. Sad twirlers. Angry moms. Texts were coming with both happy and sad students. My phone was ringing with parents upset. Ahhhhh make it stop!

After about 24 hours things started to cool down. Parents apologized and girls were in a good headspace to understand why we placed them on the team they did.

All in all we are excited for the new season to begin and I’m happy i don’t have tryouts for another year!

The end of our 20th season!

Well we went out with a bang. These girls survived another COVID twirling season. We at least got one competition again and we have some summer parades planned. We did a very casual showcase last night and honored our senior, Abby. We were all emotional but we made it a special night for her. These girls made my 20th anniversary as an owner/coach extremely special. They grew so much as twirlers and i could not be more proud of them!

We also had a special observation night for our rec level girls. We have kept the school closed to all spectators this year so it was nice to allow the parents to sit in on a practice and see all the hard work the girls have put in!

Sad to see another season end, but excited for a fun summer of twirling!

State Competition

Sadly we did not takes teams to the Ohio State competition this year. Thanks to Covid they were only able to give us a 5 day notice before fees and applications were due. I didn’t feel it was fair for me to ask families for LOTS of money with no heads up. But i am super happy that 3 of my students still competed in Solo events…..oh and they killed it!

So unbelievably proud of these three! They represented the Pink Ladies Baton Corp. perfectly!

I love coaching!

What an awesome week to be a coach. On Tuesday night my private lesson students killed it. The caught new tricks like they’ve been doing them for years. I was so freaking proud of them!!!!

Finally caught her illusion toss
Finally caught her vertical 2 spin
Caught not only her illusion toss but also her cartwheel toss!!!

Thursday night we presented the girls with teamwork awards. At competition EVERY judge commented on ALL six teams how great the girls twirled together as a team. Seems simple, right!? Well I’ve been coaching for 20 years and let me tell you that’s been the hardest part of being a coach. How do you make girls bond!? Get along!? It’s hard and you would think a pandemic would only make that more difficult, right!? Well i am blessed with an amazing team of girls and they made it look so easy. I’m very proud of all of them!


Hooray we were finally able to compete after a long year!!!! My twirlers have been back in the gym twirler since last June, but this was the first time they were able to perform in person for others. Wow were they amazing. I am so happy they finally got to show off all their hard work!!!! We didn’t have all our normal family and friends there. First competition my parents weren’t at 😔. They kept all the teams in separate rooms while we waited our turn. We had our own lunch table. Everyone had to wear masks but the twirlers could take them off while performing. They rotated families in and out of the gym while their children performed. It moved pretty quick and i felt really safe.

John took this photo of me coaching! My bark is worse then my bite 😂
My husband and step daughter! She rocked it!
Me and my niece. She is a star!!!!
It was a long day but he is so supportive ❤️
Hardknock Life
Burn it Down
King of Anything
Spying on the competition

Spring Break!

So nothing makes me happier then beautiful weather and no school!!!! My nanny kids got some fun days with their parents and grandparents so i didn’t get the full week with them, but we had a blast on our days together.

Monday i spring cleaned our house and it made me so happy. I cleaned and organized the bedrooms and closets.

Tuesday i cleaned some more, did some choreography for baton, took my niece for ice cream, and had a productive competition practice with my twirlers!

Returned home from baton to my husband cooking on the grill!!!

Wednesday the nanny kids and i went to a playground in Medina. They had so much fun and they have been patiently waiting to go back since last summer. It was 80* and sunny and we were loving it!

Taking a breather on the bench and watching the older two!
My baby girl and i made cards for my great aunt Eda. She absolutely loved them!
Wednesday night we tried some new gluten free products. I found these at Heinens and i was beyond thrilled to find ravioli and fresh pasta. We loved these and will definitely buy again!!!

Thursday was a surprise day off so grandma and grandpa could play with the kids. I did some laundry and a good amount of baton paperwork. I also picked up our new tank tops and organized them by class. Most of the afternoon i relaxed and enjoyed the weather. Thursday night i worked the hell out of my twirlers and i think they are ready for competition weekend!

Friday the nanny kids and i went to another awesome playground. After they played for over an hour, we walked the mile long story book trail and my nanny girl (6) read us the entire story. I’m so proud of her. We ate our picnic lunch by the fishing lake and played a little longer at the playground! Oh and the highlight of the day is we saw a Bald Eagle flying over us. My nanny boy (4) said “I’ve never seen a Bald Eagle in real life!”

Friday afternoon we played in the backyard. My oldest nanny girl created four vaccines for kids as young as one month old. She is going to change the world one day!!!!

Friday’s dinner. John is amazing!