Ohio State Competition-Night One

Friday afternoon my husband and i began our road trip to southern Ohio. It was only about a 3 hour drive but man was it raining hard. Luckily the heavy rained seemed to disappear when we got to mid ohio. I, of course, had to make a potty stop when we got near Columbus. My husband, conveniently, found a huge Cabela’s to stop at. It was nice to break up the drive and walk around. This place was so big and had a much better selection of clothing then our local one has. Definitely worth the drive and we will go back!

We arrived at the hotel around 4pm. We decided to go grab dinner before it got crowded. Boy am i glad we made that decision. As we were leaving outback, 45 minutes later, they were turning people away because the wait was over an hour and a half long.

That evening my other coach, Roseanna, arrived in town. We told her to go grab food and come eat in our room. The 3 of us enjoyed a relaxing evening in. The ninja mom’s were hard at work though…..they were decorating all the Pink Ladies doors. It was the sweetest thing and I’m so blessed to have these parents as part of my team!

Princesses Against Cancer

At the end of January we found out some devastating news about one of my twirler dads. He went to the ER for stomach pains and quickly learned he had cancer in many of his organs. My baton group jumped into action and we prayed and helped out Maria’s family anyway we could. We sadly were coming to terms with the fact that he was just not getting better and it was spreading throughout his body. One of the baton mom’s is a princess in Cleveland for a wonderful organization. We coordinated to have some princesses surprise Maria at practice to help make her birthday a little happier. Sadly her dad passed away the week before her birthday so this night just became a little more important.

Maria was so surprised and so happy. I brought her in the hallway so she could have one on one time with Elsa and Anna. They brought her a gift and crowned her princess of the day. She was in aw. Made me so happy to see her smile and just enjoy being 6 without any other cares in the world.

After some time went by, Maria invited the princesses in to watch her twirl with her friends. It was the most royal audience we have ever had. All the girls were so excited. It was truly a magical night for everyone!


I’m a super proud coach! All these girls traveled down to Columbus to participate in the Buckeye Twirl Spring Clinic. This is what makes girls stronger twirlers. Learning from other coaches only makes you stronger. I love seeing so many of my students sign up for extra lessons on the weekend! They all had a blast and they are so glad they went. Plus is was fun for the older ones to see our Pink Ladies alum, Sydney!

Competition #2 Soloist

The afternoon was filled with almost all my twirlers competing in solo events. The girls all did wonderful. We had many 1st places, along with many girls receiving a medal for 2nd and 3rd! The solo events are where the girls can really shine and show off their talent. It also really helps build self confidence, so i try and encourage all of them to do this!

The big winner of the day was Bella. She was awarded the Eis Family Aspiring Twirler Scholarship. This is a coach nominated award and the winner is chosen by the panel of USTA judges. In the morning each coach turned in their nominee and over the lunch break the judges met to discuss who earned the scholarship. Bella was my nominee and I’m so happy she won!!! She really is so hard working, dedicated and an awesome teammate. My other coaches nominated Madison and Emma for this scholarship. It was a great honor to have a Pink Lady win!

Competition #2 Teams

Well this competition my lips weren’t swollen, but i have an awesome sore in the corner of my mouth 😂. At this point it’s just a running joke with my students…

But anyways on to the great part of the day! Gosh i couldn’t love my twirlers anymore. Our second competition was local at Avon Lake High School. The teams FINALLY looked competition ready on the floor. A few more drops then i would have loved to see, but they did really awesome!

Pinkettes is my newest competition members. They received fifth place solely on the fact that their routine just lacks enough hard content. They are all new this season and they are learning harder tricks as they go. But oh did these girls put on a show. They smiled the entire time and they didn’t mess up at all. I was so unbelievably proud of them and i told them they were the best performing Pink Ladies team of the day!!!!

Pink Passion is our large show team. It’s all our “veteran” competition twirlers on the same team. They did a wonderful job and listened to all our correction from the first competition. The judge seemed to really enjoy their performance and they received first place!

My last team of the day was Pink Diamonds. They are a group of our 6 best total twirlers. This means they have the best work ethic, practice and overall have wonderful attitudes. They did a wonderful job and earned 1st place. Although they dropped their batons more than usual, they put on a beautiful performance.

Build A Bear, Birthday, Baton

Another busy but fun week. My parents gifted my bonus daughter a gift card to build a bear so she could make a stuffed animal with a new heart like her. She chose the 25th anniversary heart puppy. It was perfect and she had fun making it. You’re never too old for a new stuffy!

Another year around the sun for my mother in law. We celebrated a little early so the girls could be there. My oldest bonus daughter had a friends party to go to but my youngest replaced her with her bestie 😂. We had a nice dinner and they enjoyed cake! Always fun to get together and celebrate a special day for a wonderful woman!

My alumni twirler is a senior on the Ohio State twirling team. They traveled to Disney for the twirlmania competition. They won 1st place and i could not be more happy for Sydney and her team!

Swollen lips and shaking hips!

What an eventful weekend. My husband and i traveled to southern ohio for a baton competition this past weekend. It was really exciting to have a little bit of normalcy back in our lives. Usually from January to May we travel monthly for competitions but these past 2 years have been very different.

I packed lots of healthy snacks to keep me fueled while staying in the hotel and to snack on during a long day of competition. On Saturday we at out for lunch and dinner. I made healthy choices and did the best i could to keep the calories down. I had grilled chicken and a small amount of gluten. Well by Saturday evening my top lip was swelling. This was concerning because (A) swollen lips are a red flag for an allergic reaction and (B) i can’t miss competition in the morning. I immediately took a second dose of Zyrtec, took a lysine vitamin and applied some Burt’s Bees lip balm. My top lip pretty much looked like i just had lip injections.

The next morning my lip was still swollen but not worse. We arrived at competition at 8am. My groups were first thing in the morning. My veteran groups went ok but definitely not their best performances. I think they had nerves getting back out there. We have lots of work to clean up their routines but i think knowing we have several more competitions this season a fire has been lit. My beginner group (who i was crazy nervous about) did so good!!! That group has a 3 year old and an autistic girl in it. I was super nervous but they lit up the floor as soon as the music started. I almost cried! The afternoon was filled with lots of my girls performing solos. They did amazing! It is so rewarding to see all their hard work pay off!

The girls on this team wore a bow in honor of karalyn who is home recovering from open beard surgery

I took my good camera with me and captured LOTS of action shots. It’s fun to merge my two passions in life and their parents all appreciate the fun performance shots i get of their daughters.

By the time we left the competition, my lip seemed to be some what back to normal. BUT Tuesday morning i woke up with another swollen lip. Is it the chicken? Is it the gluten? A long time ago i had an allergy to chicken, but as my body changed i grew out of that….or so i thought. I have a gluten intolerance but my doctor has always okayed having gluten in small amounts so it didn’t become a bigger issue. Maybe i can’t tolerate it at all anymore? The mystery continues and i will just keep a food diary and try to figure out what is causing this. It also could just be that my endometriosis is flared up and making me super sensitive to some foods right now. Life continues to be exciting!!!!

Woolly Bear Parade!

Finally we were able to perform in another parade. Only our second one in a year and a half. This is one of our favorites. It’s the largest one day festival in the state of Ohio. The entire parade is a few hours long. Lots of local celebrities, king and queens, floats, marching bands, fancy cars and of course baton twirlers from all over.

Our Pink Ladies families arrive in town during the mid morning hours so they can enjoy the festival. Early afternoon the drop the girls off to me to get ready for the parade. We wait about an hour for our turn!

We performed our routine about 9 times during the one mile route. It’s the longest one mile ever 🤣. The girls did absolutely amazing and I’m so happy they had another chance to perform!

The coaches
The coaches with Madison from the Deputies
Ben and coach Jaime
John and me
My bonus daughters and me
The crew. John, my mom and dad
Can’t forget Abby
Our placement in the parade
Watching until our turn
Practicing our routine