Covid testing

Ugh no one wants to hear a doctor say I’m sending you for a covid test but here we are. My husband and I were so sick this week. Low grade fevers, fatigue, congested, sore throats, etc. A doctor decided we checked off all the symptoms of covid so off we went for testing. They sent us to a building I’m another city. When we arrived we had to call before entering. Once inside it was like another world. A table was right at the door so we could sanitize our hands. The building had a desk with people in hazmat suits standing behind it. No furniture. No paintings or posters on the wall. Just a desk, carpet and alien looking people starring at you. They take you in the back and make you stand in a door way marked with an X on the floor. They hand you a swabbed, you stick it in your nose just enough to make you cringe and your eyes water. Spin it in 5 circles and then do the other nostril. As you walk out you feel a burning feeling and you do the walk of shame back to your car. Never did I think I would experience something so odd but we survived. The next day my phone binged with an update to my labs. I was terrified to open it but I was so happy to see the words NEGATIVE. Phew. Breathed a sigh of relief. We were negative and just suffering from the flu. Although the next few days would continue to be miserable, but at least we don’t have covid-19! Now we bomb the house and get rid of the germs!


Historical Week

I felt i needed to blog about a couple of current events, so that i can look back and remember this week! So the Cleveland Browns made the playoffs for the first time in 18 years. They play the Steelers on Sunday, but the head coach and several key players have tested positive for COVID-19. So, yeah, we are not off to a good start. The entire team has been home and not practiced at all this week!

The second historical event is the Capitol building was stormed with protestors on January 6. I was embarrassed for our country. It was sickening. I feel Trump encouraged this behavior and failed us with his lack of leadership to protect us. He has been very vocal about losing the election and i just pray these next 12 days are quiet until Biden moves into office!

After the dust settled, they continued to count the electoral votes and Biden was, again, the winner of the election!

It was indeed a dark day in America. It was an act of terrorism on American soil by American citizens. How awful is that?

My 6 year old nanny girl made this poster. Her kindergarten word of the month is acceptance. How beautiful is this? She has no idea all the hate going on the world. All she knows is we should accept everyone for who they are and love our friends!!! Children should run the country!