Downtown Vermilion, Ohio

Another day date after a morning of fishing. We love to walk downtown Vermilion, look in store windows and people watch. Saturdays they have their outdoor market and it attracts a lot of tourists. The vermilion yacht club pool was filled with everyone trying to cool off. It was 90° outside but no one cared as they were all trying to enjoy as much summer as they could.

Rudy’s for lunch
Probably the best chili I’ve ever tasted
My side salad hit the spot
Fall and Winter candles have arrived!
John’s store!
Monroe decorated the windows with vintage Vermilion High School memorabilia!

Good morning fishies!

This morning we woke up before the roosters to get in some fishing before the hot sun arrived. It was absolutely beautiful and peaceful. We had a lot of action and some good fights. We also caught some extremely small fish which gave us all a good laugh. Fishing with my dad and my husband is always enjoyable.

The virus is in full swing again and the world can sometimes seems scary. We now have family and a friend with the Covid virus. The adults have been vaccinated but the children have not. This virus does not care. It’s been a year and we are back where we started.

But this time we have a boat and I’m so grateful for that. The three of us our vaccinated. We can be care free for a few hours and that is priceless.

Stay safe and healthy everyone. Pray for those fighting the virus.

My healthy snack and breakfast on the boat!

Back to school!

It’s been a year and a half since these kids have been back to school full time. I am so excited for all of them but also nervous about their health. Non of my nieces, nephew or nanny kids are age eligible for the vaccine and this new delta variant is spreading like crazy. I just pray the universe keeps all these children safe and healthy because being in school is what they all need!

The best part of Cally’s day was math and recess. She is one of 17 girls in her class and there is 1 boy!
Sisters are off to school! Peyton loved kindergarten. Emma had an amazing first day in middle school but she missed the bus on the way home!
Henry said school was “good!” Typical boy answer as that’s all i got!

My nanny girl had a blast in 1st grade!

A walk along the lake

Is there anything better? Not when it comes to exercise. I absolutely love walking along the lake for my daily workout. There is just something so peaceful. I always cut through a small lake community that reminds me of my grandmas home town in West Virginia. I don’t quite know what it is but it makes me smile every time. I love to walk down by the marina and see all the fishermen. Sometimes i stop and chat and sometimes i just say hello. The scenery is always breathtaking and everyone is so friendly.

Happy birthday to you….

The nanny kids are 5 and 7!!!!!

We had a wonderful time celebrating another year around the sun for with the “big kids!”

Their themes were super hero’s and fairies. My wonderful boss has an amazing set up with photo booths, themed food, a fairy garden craft and a superhero obstacle course. The kids played hard and the adults enjoyed hanging out together!

John wore his Batman shirt and i made my own super nanny (that’s what my boss calls me) shirt with a fairy riding on Mary Poppins back!

One of the cousins got stuck in the tunnel so he did the entire obstacle course this way 😂
Breaking through the wall

Girl time

I took my youngest tonight to get her nails ready for the first day of school. She is super girly and i have the same love for pretty nails. She said a dozen times on the road home “my nails look so pretty!”

My nail tech always does the best nails!
She’s not old enough to be vaccinated so a mask is a must!

Pink, white, and rose gold glitter!