Ohio State Competition-Night One

Friday afternoon my husband and i began our road trip to southern Ohio. It was only about a 3 hour drive but man was it raining hard. Luckily the heavy rained seemed to disappear when we got to mid ohio. I, of course, had to make a potty stop when we got near Columbus. My husband, conveniently, found a huge Cabela’s to stop at. It was nice to break up the drive and walk around. This place was so big and had a much better selection of clothing then our local one has. Definitely worth the drive and we will go back!

We arrived at the hotel around 4pm. We decided to go grab dinner before it got crowded. Boy am i glad we made that decision. As we were leaving outback, 45 minutes later, they were turning people away because the wait was over an hour and a half long.

That evening my other coach, Roseanna, arrived in town. We told her to go grab food and come eat in our room. The 3 of us enjoyed a relaxing evening in. The ninja mom’s were hard at work though…..they were decorating all the Pink Ladies doors. It was the sweetest thing and I’m so blessed to have these parents as part of my team!

Princesses Against Cancer

At the end of January we found out some devastating news about one of my twirler dads. He went to the ER for stomach pains and quickly learned he had cancer in many of his organs. My baton group jumped into action and we prayed and helped out Maria’s family anyway we could. We sadly were coming to terms with the fact that he was just not getting better and it was spreading throughout his body. One of the baton mom’s is a princess in Cleveland for a wonderful organization. We coordinated to have some princesses surprise Maria at practice to help make her birthday a little happier. Sadly her dad passed away the week before her birthday so this night just became a little more important.

Maria was so surprised and so happy. I brought her in the hallway so she could have one on one time with Elsa and Anna. They brought her a gift and crowned her princess of the day. She was in aw. Made me so happy to see her smile and just enjoy being 6 without any other cares in the world.

After some time went by, Maria invited the princesses in to watch her twirl with her friends. It was the most royal audience we have ever had. All the girls were so excited. It was truly a magical night for everyone!

Happy birthday to my person!

John turned 46! He’s like fine wine and keeps getting better with age! I had to work and coach on his actually birthday, so we celebrated the day before. He had Maya (Mexican) for dinner and i got him cookies and Buckeyes from Dick’s Bakery for his dessert. He is not a cake guy so i made sure to get him some of his favorite treats. John didn’t make me sing to him but i made sure he had candles to blow out. It was a nice evening together!

LEWT tournament #2

Well the boys had their second tournament of the season. It was a 2 day tournament launched out of Sandusky, Ohio. This tournament was combined with the Masters Walleye Circuit. Lots of teams and lots of amazing fishermen!

Day 1 was cold! I mean cold and wet and miserable. But of course the boys were fine all day out on the boat. My family and i went to weigh ins and we were frozen. It was so nice we could be there to see John weigh in their 5 fish for the day. The weighed in just over 23 pounds, which put them pretty much in the middle of the pack!

Day 2 was 40° warmer. No joke it was about 80° outside. Absolutely gorgeous day to be on the water all day. The boys headed east to fish this day! They found fish but just not “big” fish! They weighed in 5 fish for just over 16 pounds. They came in 100 out of 168.

Practically Perfect in Every Way!

Oh this nanny was super happy that my step daughters high school was doing Mary Poppins as the spring musical!!! She is part of the tech program so my husband, in laws and myself went to support her. Our neighbor played Mrs. Banks, my friends son played Bert and one of the majorettes was also in the ensemble. They all did a terrific job!!!

Our goofy oldest daughter

My blog book went on a trip to Utah!

A few weeks ago i used Into Real Pages to print my blog. This week i received a message from a kind woman in Utah that she has my book!! What? How did this happen? The cover was of her blog but the contents inside were all my blog. Ummm huge error on the printing company! I was a little taken back that my life was in the hands of a stranger, but how sweet of her to find me and let me know. The two of us reached out to the company and after a few days they responded to us. In the mean time i received my book and it was printed correctly. The company wanted to give me a partial refund but i asked for a full refund and they agreed. They are also reprinted my Utah blogger buddies book for her and hopefully it is correct this time. She is also sending me the copy of my book that she received. After a stressful few days i can honestly say there is still good in this world and it all worked out. I’ve always wanted to visit Utah so I’m glad my blog got to do it for me 😂

Her blog cover
My contents inside
My blog book

The Legend Has Retired!

Well my father has finally retired. I can not be more happy and excited for him. He has worked hard his entire life and now its his time to enjoy the next chapter of his life! We surprised him with a family dinner at Marconi’s in Huron, Ohio. My family, my brothers family and my aunt and uncle were all there to celebrate this special day. We shared stories and lots of laughs. The Italian food was delicious. My sister-in-law had a beautiful cake made for him from the Pink Bandana. The flavor was blueberry pancake. It tasted like a sugary blueberry muffin, which is a favorite of mine and my dads. The entire night was absolutely perfect and I’m glad we could make it happen!

Mom made these adorable decorations

Play Ball

Summer travel softball is just around the corner. Last week my niece and her teammates were introduced at the local high school softball game. They got to debut their new uniforms and be on the “big field.” They loved hearing their names over the field speakers! I can’t wait to see her team play!