Air you can wear

When it’s 100° outside you either play in the water or on the water. We made sure to get our morning workout in bright and early to beat the extremes heat! The morning views were gorgeous! We quick grabbed some coffee and a breakfast sandwich from our favorite shop in town and then it was time to play!

We opted for fishing on the boat, of course. It was hot hot but once you were in the middle of the lake it was tolerable. Sadly I think the fish were hiding from the heat , but a day on the boat is never a waste of a day!

We returned home to a delicious home cooked meal that mom had prepared for us!!! After a nice dinner, we headed home BUT not before stopping for some ice cream at our favorite place. “It’s on the way” 😂

She’s so good during meal time

Lake Girl Forever

That truly does describe me. Today i was so happy to spend the day on the lake and in my favorite town. My husband and dad went fishing for the day. They set out for perch but ended up catching sheephead, catfish and walley!

Mom and i walked around downtown Vermilion. We stopped at my favorite coffee shop and ran into Allie LaForce. She is from town but she was also miss teen USA, a sports anchor and a sports journalist the NBA and college basketball. She was there with her husband Joe Smith who is a pitcher for the MLB. We talked to both of them for awhile about her pregnancy and their fight to find a cure for Huntington’s disease. They were so sweet and we enjoyed talking to them!

After our breakfast stop we walked around town. We walked through the farmers market, shopped at a local boutique and checked out the chalk walk.

This evening i spent some quality time with the most needy sister ever 🤣. Luckily she is super cute!!!

After a long, but fun day, we all decided salads, pizza and subs sounded like a good idea for dinner. I was so happy to be at the lake for a million dollar sunset. As we were walking back to the house i also noticed the vibrant first quarter moon!!! It’s very rare that i catch a gorgeous sunset and a gorgeous moonrise! It truly was a wonderful day!

Nanny camp end of July

Yikes where is the summer going???? July seems like a blur! Now that sports and almost all camps are done, we were able to travel to one of our favorite parks. It’s in the next county over and it’s adorable. On the path they have little play houses, a stage area, faces on trees, cute bridges and tunnels and some art painted on the sidewalks. We could literally spend all day there!

Our next big adventure was the zoo. Can you believe it’s been a year since i was there? I use to basically live there but as the kids get older, life gets busier! We had so much fun seeing all the new babies, the Asian lanterns, and we even got to see the the corpse flower in bloom which is very rare. People were waiting almost an hour to see it up close, but we opted to see it from afar!!!

I’m a monkey!
Added bonus i found this on a plant

We also went to the ninja warrior park that we have not been to since Presidents’ Day. The kids absolutely love running the corse there!

Last week we found a brand new park. We were on a mission to visit somewhere we have never been….and we loved it!!! Oh my goodness such an awesome find. It was a little further away, but totally worth the drive. The playground have everything, including 2 zip lines which all 3 kids were fans of! They had several climbers, a rock wall, swings, and a sandpit. Just next to the playground was the most amazing safety town. It was not being used that day so we, along with a dozen other kids, played on the streets and with the mini buildings. Again we could have spent an entire day there! We will be back for sure!

My nanny boy thinks this looks like my parents house!

Where did July go?

As i sit here listening to the storm outside, i decided this is a great time to catch up on my blog!

My niece turned 10 on July 25th. I’m still made she hasn’t had a Christmas in July party, but i digress 😂. We had just a small family party to celebrate her big day. She celebrated with her friends at a baseball game days prior! It was a nice day and i still can’t believe she is already 10!!! She is such an amazing kid and I’m so proud of her!

On July 28 we held our yearly placement tryouts for our competition team. This helps us decided where to place each girl for the new season. It really encourages them to work hard and show us how bad they want it. Soooo much work for us coaches to score each of them, but it truly is worth it. I’m so proud of each and every one of them!

We didn’t make the 7 new students tryout!

Nanny Camp

Week 6

This week started off with a lot of rain. The oldest still had swim practice so the littles and i played in the car. Sounds terrible but they actually had fun sitting in the back seat playing. Once it started to monsoon they released the kids a little early. I was as wet as the oldest just from walking to get her. We ran home so she could dry off and put on warm clothes, then we headed to the library. My nanny boy finally reached the half way point of the reading challenge, so he was able to pick a prize from the treasure box. So proud of him!

All 3 of the kids picked out new books for the week. My nanny boy picked a drawing book and he couldn’t wait to get home and draw a robot. Very impressed with his art skills!

This week we worked on potty training with the youngest. She is a few months shy of her 3rd birthday and we have a goal of getting it done before summer break ends. She is doing really great and fingers crossed 🤞 we are nearing the end of diapers!

We ended the week with the swim team championships. I was beyond thrilled it was on Saturday so i could finally see my girl compete. All of her meets have been on Thursday nights when i coach. She did relays, backstroke, butterfly and freestyle. This 7 year old can swim and i am so darn proud of her!!!

Summer themes

Over the 7 weeks of summer i allowed my twirling students to pick weekly themes. They follow a dress code during the competition season but we like to give them a break over the summer and during the holidays. They picked some pretty fun themes and of course we loved seeing their outfits each week!

Tie dye
Pink Out!
Pink Out!
Christmas in July
Christmas in July
Christmas in July

Summer Through My Lens

Week 7

It’s National ice cream day!


Storms were all around us tonight! John saw these rare Mammatus clouds outside our window so i grabbed the camera to capture them!


This was just a fun and busy week! I was blessed to spend my day off with my mom and her bestie, Annalee. We met in downtown vermilion and had lunch at Big Ed’s, which is an old fashion phosphates diner. It’s so cute inside! After lunch we walked around and shopped. My dad had an appointment downtown and found us afterwards. Always a nice bonus when i get to see him too! Grabbed an iced coffee from my favorite coffee shop, brewed awakening, and then i was off to get my hair done!

On Wednesday i had my first deva cut! I was so nervous but also excited. It’s a specialized haircut for curly/wavy hair people. It’s a unique way of cutting. They basically cut your hair dry like they are trimming a bush. The stylist has a special certification to be able to do this type of cut. My stylist, Haillee, was awesome! i am so happy with the results and will continue to cut my hair this way!

I captured this beautiful photo at the lake in downtown Berea. My nanny kids and i walked around after a visit to the library. It’s such a beautiful area. We enjoyed watching a large group of people kayaking!!

This weekend my niece, Cally, had her final 9u travel softball games. It’s been one heck of a season and the girls have grown so much. Very proud of them but that number 9 is my favorite!

This week was a mix of iPhone and nikon photos but it was a fun week and all deserves to be shared!

Home Days

We enjoyed home days at home 😂. No we spent the evening at my in-laws house with my parents. We ate some subs and all just hung out. That evening we enjoyed the fireworks from the front yard. It was a beautiful summer night. Abby didn’t seemed bothered by the fireworks at all. She stood and watched the grand finale as if she was thinking “what the heck is going on!”

Summer Through My Lens

Week 6

Home-days Fireworks!


Waxing Gibbous moon


Recently my former swim coach and science teacher passed away. He was a large part of the community and the city honored him with a beautiful dedication ceremony. This is the plaque that is now hanging at the entrance of the city pool.


The house is clean, the laundry is finished, my nails are done, baton paperwork is ready for tryouts and now i can watch a hallmark Christmas movie and get caught up a little on scrapbooking!

Tonight’s full moon from northeast Ohio


This weeks local newspaper hit the stands and guess who made the front page??!! My Pink Ladies Baton Corp! What a fun surprise and honor!


All moon photos shot with my Nikon P1000

Nanny Camp

Week 5

Vacation Bible School is here and we are all so excited! This is a favorite of ours and we look forward to it every summer. The local Methodist church puts on the most amazing camp for the kids. Both of the older kids participated. It’s every morning so it gives me some one on one time with the little one!

The little one and i basically spent the week at different parks. We played on the playgrounds and walked the trails. It was a fun week!

In the afternoons we read, colored and did some school work. It was a busy week but we enjoyed it!