LEWT tournament #3

The third tournament launched out of Huron Ohio which was nice for us because it’s the same river our boat is docked in. The boys know the area very well and it made it convenient for my family and i to get to for weigh ins. The morning was cloudy. By late morning we had some really intense rain. The boys only had a quick rain out on the water though! By afternoon it was hot and sunny! Overall it was a really great day to be out on the water. Jimmy and John didn’t start to catch fish until about halfway through their day. They came in with 5 fish but they weren’t that big. It wasn’t their best day of fishing but they had fun. They always say it was a great day of learning. I am so incredibly proud of my fisherman and it makes my heart so full to see him doing what he loves!

I absolutely love these two young men who clearly are amazing competitors
Everyone favorite team

LEWT tournament #2

Well the boys had their second tournament of the season. It was a 2 day tournament launched out of Sandusky, Ohio. This tournament was combined with the Masters Walleye Circuit. Lots of teams and lots of amazing fishermen!

Day 1 was cold! I mean cold and wet and miserable. But of course the boys were fine all day out on the boat. My family and i went to weigh ins and we were frozen. It was so nice we could be there to see John weigh in their 5 fish for the day. The weighed in just over 23 pounds, which put them pretty much in the middle of the pack!

Day 2 was 40° warmer. No joke it was about 80° outside. Absolutely gorgeous day to be on the water all day. The boys headed east to fish this day! They found fish but just not “big” fish! They weighed in 5 fish for just over 16 pounds. They came in 100 out of 168.

Lake Erie Walleye Trail

My husband and his buddy Jimmy are fishing in the Lake Erie walleye tournament. It’s individual 1 and 2 day tournaments over several months. They are fishing in 4 out of the 6 which will qualify them for the championship in the fall!

These two have been so excited for this. They have done so much to prepare. They are extremely intelligent fishermen and it makes me so proud to see how much time they put in to preparing for each tournament.

Well their first day out and they came in 16th out of 73!!!! Seriously how awesome is that!? They woke up at 3am and were checked in by 5:30am. They enjoyed hanging out and meeting all the other teams before they left marina.