40 pounds gone forever!

Well i hit another milestone in my healthy living journey. I have officially lost 40 pounds. Below is me trying to hold 40lbs of charcoal and the struggle was real. Five months ago i was walking around daily with that 40lbs. No wonder i felt like crap!!! Well this journey continues….

My best friend, my husband!

Happiness is being married to your best friend! From shopping, hikes, closing the boat, raking leaves and everything in between, we always have fun!

Time with my girls!

Always an added bonus when i get to spend time with my niece. She was staying at my parents house for the weekend so we got lots of time together. She recently broke her arm but she doesn’t let her slow her down. My parents dog, Abby, loves to be in the action and enjoys … Continue reading Time with my girls!

Brawling’ with the boys!

Fall fishing can be fun when it’s not freezing 🤣. Love fishing with my dad, husband, and Jimmy! We caught lots of fish and had a lot of laughs!

Proud wife!

There are so many things about my husband that make me proud, but seeing him smile while he is fishing brings so much joy to my heart! We are in the middle of the fall brawl tournament and my husband has been very busy fishing during all his free time. He recently caught a larger … Continue reading Proud wife!

Spirit days!

Full disclosed i was a teacher for 16 yrs 🤣 Who doesn’t love to dress up for special days!? Ok probably a lot of adults but i still love it. Here are some outfits of the day looks this fall from me and my baton girls. They love to dress up with me!

Happy Healthy Halloween

Just because it’s a holiday doesn’t mean we need to eat crap!!!! My husband and i made the family some chicken and rice stuffed peppers (Halloween style) and some sugar free pumpkin cupcake muffins (with a few chocolate chips sprinkled in) for dessert! Healthy doesn’t have to taste bad!!! Enjoy life and don’t deprive yourself … Continue reading Happy Healthy Halloween


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