Friday Night Lights

Well i missed my first home opener but sometimes we have to make sacrifices to keep your children safe. John and i decided it probably wasn’t a good idea to take our unvaccinated youngest out and about while Covid is so active in our county. These children are being sent home at high rates with … Continue reading Friday Night Lights

J&J Diner

Only healthy food served here! I truly enjoy cooking at home every night with my husband!

Zoo Day!

The weather has been beautiful in northeast Ohio. Sunny and high 70’s with kind of a cool breeze in the shade. Refreshing after a very hot and humid august, but honestly i love that heat. My nanny kids and i took full advantage of the great weather and headed to the zoo! It wasn’t crowded … Continue reading Zoo Day!

Baton birthday!

Thursday i celebrated my birthday with my favorite group of girls. It was also my student, Alyssa’s, birthday so we had a double celebration. My amazing mother made me Care Bear belly badge cookies and also some sunglasses since that’s my favorite accessory! She truly is so talented and they taste delicious. She of course … Continue reading Baton birthday!

I’m 25 again!

Well another year around the sun for me! Also another Covid birthday. We are pretty much in the same place we were a year ago with the Delta variant spreading like wild fire. I now know about a dozen people with Covid and sadly some of these are children. I guess the old saying is … Continue reading I’m 25 again!


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