The Catfish Queen and King

Another day fishing with my guys! We set out for walleye but the catfish like me more. We caught white bass, baby walleyes and catfish. We had one keeper walleye but we had a lot of activity. Not once but twice we had a Folino fire drill. John was netting a fish for my dad and boom i hooked a fish. We were both reeling in and John had to double net us. It was fun and we laughed a lot. Of course this would have been more exciting if we were doubling up on walleye but catfish put up an exciting fight!

I drove the boat!
John’s line wrapped around the prop!
Seconds before i hooked my fish
Dad with his monster cat
My big catch of the day
Feel free to hire me for all your cleaning needs

Bonus day with my bonus daughter!

Our youngest decided she wanted to spend Labor Day with us. It’s her mom’s holiday this year but she had no problem with K staying with us. Well it was a beautiful day out, not hot, but our little fish insisted we spend the day at the pool. We drank coffee and hot chocolate to keep warm 🤣. Extra time together is always nice and always an adventure with our little one!

Hot drinks to stay warm 🤣

Put your pumpkin spice away….

It’s still summer and I’m going to enjoy every minute of it. Ok ok I’m excited to decorate for fall too, but I’m not ready for summer to be over.

I am so grateful our pool is open until September 13! A lot of the city pools around here have already closed but in our development that keep it open a little longer.

My youngest swam for 5 hours straight. I made us all lunch and we had a picnic poolside. We also played ping pong, which we should probably never do again. Note to self my youngest is not good at tennis or ping pong 😝!

The temps outside were only in the 70’s but the afternoon sun did make it feel a little warmer. I took a nice cat nap on the lounge chair while i was watching K and John play in the pool 😉. It truly was a beautiful day outside!

Friday Night Lights

Well i missed my first home opener but sometimes we have to make sacrifices to keep your children safe. John and i decided it probably wasn’t a good idea to take our unvaccinated youngest out and about while Covid is so active in our county. These children are being sent home at high rates with the virus so we are doing our best to protect ours. The majorettes did amazing and i can’t wait to see them perform live….hopefully soon! I’ll be in the stands, in a mask, by no one else 🤣

Zoo Day!

The weather has been beautiful in northeast Ohio. Sunny and high 70’s with kind of a cool breeze in the shade. Refreshing after a very hot and humid august, but honestly i love that heat. My nanny kids and i took full advantage of the great weather and headed to the zoo! It wasn’t crowded now that school is back in session! We started at the elephants and we were all so excited because we were able to feed them. My nanny boy loved watching them pick up each individual piece of food!

We made our way through the Australian exhibit and stopped by the petting zoo. Both kids did an awesome job of carefully petting each animal. At the end of the Australian exhibit are the koala bears and i always snap a photo for my dad!

After Australia we headed up the hill to the giraffes. My nanny boy really wanted to feed them and i fully support this because how fun is it to actually hand a large animal a leaf of lettuce! His little sister even handed the giraffe a piece of lettuce and she was very happy!

Per the request of my nanny boy we walked over the Asian exhibit. He actually asked me on the drive in if we could go there. I, too, was excited because i love the red pandas and my favorite animals (the bears) are right next to the exhibit. We found all 3 snow leopards and 2 of the red pandas. The grizzly bear was up and walking around, which always makes the crowd happy!

We ended our trip with the tigers! They were all asleep but we were excited because one was sleeping on the bridge above us!!! They are massive!

We walked to the front and enjoyed our packed lunch before heading home for nap time! My photography assistant took this wonderful photo of me!

Baton birthday!

Thursday i celebrated my birthday with my favorite group of girls. It was also my student, Alyssa’s, birthday so we had a double celebration. My amazing mother made me Care Bear belly badge cookies and also some sunglasses since that’s my favorite accessory! She truly is so talented and they taste delicious. She of course made me a gluten free birthday badge!

I’m 25 again!

Well another year around the sun for me! Also another Covid birthday. We are pretty much in the same place we were a year ago with the Delta variant spreading like wild fire. I now know about a dozen people with Covid and sadly some of these are children. I guess the old saying is true “some people just never learn” and now the kids are paying the price.

But anyways, back to me. It was a wonderful birthday at home. My boss gave me the day off and i cleaned, did laundry, worked on baton order forms and got up to date on my scrapbook!

I also got a FaceTime call from my gorgeous niece. My brother called me in the evening on his way out of town for work!

After John was done with work he got us Mexican take out from our favorite local place. His parents came over for dinner also. I made sugar free cupcakes so we had a place to put the candles. It was low key but we do what we have to in order to keep everyone healthy!

Super excited about this new toy!
My new pants say Pink Ladies!

My nanny family always finds me the sweetest gifts and makes me homemade cards. The are the best gift i could ever receive!

Loving my new coffee cup!
“Sparkly like your personality”
My parents got me an Amazon gift card and these are my first purchases!
How adorable is the wall art from Annalee??!