Baby You’re a Firework

Best firework show we have ever seen…

Monday evening our little lake community put on the best firework show the four of us have ever seen. Every year our community, as well as others, always put on a private firework show at the beach. Usually the street next to our community puts on a wonderful show. Well this year Mitiwanga out did them!

The night started off with the perfect sunset. It kind of set the mood and created the perfect backdrop for the events ahead.

The lake was filled with people. I have never in my life seen so many people sitting on our lake front. One family had a table set up and were making cotton candy for the kids. Another family had a face painting station, where high school girls were painting all the younger children’s faces. Families were sitting in chairs and on blankets, barely leaving any open grass on the lakefront. Children were rolling down the hill and running around. Mostly you just saw the flash of a glow stick running by. Our local neighbor was sitting on his deck with music playing from large speakers. It was truly a time all families came together to enjoy the evening!

My parents opted to watch the fireworks from the front porch so they could be home with Abby 🐶 so she wouldn’t be scared. Us kids went to the beach so we could enjoy all the excitement!

In years past, the street next to our community always put on the best show. Ironically it’s a family i grew up with in Berea, Ohio. Small world. Anyways back to the fireworks. So every year we all looked forward to their show. Well this year Mitiwanga showed them up! They went first from their pier and it was impressive but we quickly realized that was just the appetizer to the main course our community was ready to put before us! The first pier in Mitiwanga lasted about 20 minutes straight and WOW it was non stop amazing bursts in the sky. Everything from sizzlers to the booms you felt inside your chest! Just when we though we had reached the grand finale, a second pier started up their show! What??? It was another 10 minute show of amazing fireworks. We sat and watched fireworks for about 45 minutes straight!!! The best part is when it was over we just walked a few houses down to our parents house!

Grindstone Parade

The annual grindstone parade in Berea, Ohio is always held during the Independence Day holiday. It was in the high 80’s and apparently some of my students haven’t played outside much this summer 😂. Heard some moaning and groaning the last leg of the mile parade route!!! Overall great parade and my twirlers did a nice job!

My niece is getting so tall

Rep Monique Smith (who is running for Ohio House) asked us if she could get a photo with us to post on her page 💕

Summer Through My Lens

Week 4

Lunch at the lake means beautiful views all around. We ate lunch in Marblehead right at this boat marina!


It’s not a sundae without the whip cream and cherry on top! So grateful for a local ice cream stand that sells real ice cream!!!


Every morning we take the oldest nanny kid to swim practice. This gives me time to explore with the littles. Outside the pool and clubhouse is the cutest little lake. Some days we see ducks. Some days we see fishermen. Today we saw a beautiful rainbow formed by the sun shining through the fountain.


This week john is on vacation. That means i come home from work to dinner on the grill!!!!! Steak salads and corn on the cob for dinner!


This weeks theme at baton was red, white and blue! I love seeing what the girls come up with each week! Here are my 2 competition teams!

During my morning walk i had to take a photo of this cute bridge. It brings me joy in two ways. At the beginning of my walk I’m so grateful to cross the bridge into the woods because it means i get out of the hot sun. When i see this bridge at the end of the walk it means i am almost back home!


Ended the week baking in the sun and watching my niece play in a double header. No place i would rather be. The weather was amazing (mid 80’s) and the girls were ready to play. Cally ended the second game pitching. She did a wonderful job, not only pitching, but making an out at first base. Very proud of this amazing little girl.


Nanny Camp

Week 3

We’re back and we all have a little bit of a vacation hangover. The nanny family was down south all last week and i was at home having a staycation by myself! The kids jumped right back into the routine. Monday morning we were back at the pool first thing in the morning to prepare for another swim meet. The oldest was the first one in the pool helping her coach set up lane lines. She loves being a helper!

After swimming we headed to the playground and had a picnic lunch. It was only in the mid 70’s and it was cold in the shade but we enjoyed the sunshine ☀️ and blue skies! We were at a playground near a library so before we ate the oldest read us the story on the storybook trail!

The quote of the week by my 2 year old nanny girl “that smells red!” She was referring to my hand sanitizer!

Tuesday we went to a playground in Avon that we haven’t been to in a long time. The oldest requested we go back there. Another beautiful day. Sun was shining and the temp was 71°. We played hard on the climbers before we had a picnic lunch. Afterwards we went for a hike. My nanny boy was excited to bring his camera to capture photos of birds. It was challenge for him because, well, birds fly when you approach them. He finally found a Robin that would cooperate!

My photography intern!

Wednesday was a very special day for everyone. After our normal morning swim practice we came back to the house. Nana came to pick up the 2 big kids and they went and saw the new Buzz Lightyear movie. The littlest one and i went to meet Mr John for lunch. They are besties and talk everyday on the phone so they enjoyed real time together!

My nanny boy drew a race car and the garage is came out. Above is the sunset. I love that he enjoys drawing!
Keeping our brain fresh over the summer!

We finished the week strong. After the oldest finished swim practice we headed to the park. The temp was in the 90’s but that doesn’t stoop us. We went the playground with the swing zip line. They requested this playground. We played hard and we were hot. To cool down we did the historical walk in the woods. The oldest LOVES history and she was so excited. My nanny boy was hot and hungry but he was a trooper. We left the woods and headed to the pavilion for a picnic lunch!

After everyone rested we quickly headed to the library. My oldest nanny girl completed her reading board. Yes she read 16 hours in less than a month. She was so excited and could wait to turn in her game board for a prize. Now can she finish 2 game boards this summer??? she picked out a chapter book from the prize shelf. I’m so proud of this girl!

Good morning from the lake

Waking up at the lake gives off the best vibes for the day!

I started my morning with a cup of coffee and a walk to the lake. It was a quiet morning. There was one boat cruising west on the lake. There was an older man standing on the pier and enjoying the calm water. I saw several moms packing up their cars for the families journeys home. Only a handful of people live in this community year round. My parents are one of them. It’s fun to see all the different families show up each week. Some are families that return each summer, some are new to the area! Sundays are a day for packing up and cleaning. It’s usually the quietest day of the week and today was no different. It was also cloudy but no rain in sight.

By late morning we were ready to set out on an adventure. We headed to Marblehead. We stopped at my favorite antique store. We didn’t buy anything but we enjoyed sharing stories of our childhood when we found trinkets our grandmothers use to have. Next door they opened a new store and it took everything in me not to spend $500 😂!

After shopping we headed to cleats for lunch. We ate a delicious meal and enjoyed the beautiful view of the marina!

Shrimp and corn chowder
Chicken tacos
Mediterranean chicken pitas

We ended our day at another adorable local boutique and the fishing store! It rained on the way home and stormed during the early evening. Another wonderful weekend at the lake was over and i prepared to head back to work after a week off!

A small town on a Great Lake

My happy place…..

Nothing brings more peace to my heart then spending time up at Lake Erie. I am blessed that my parents live in a small community at the Lake. They are in the middle of two small towns that have so much to offer.

We started our day in Vermilion. We grabbed a breakfast sandwich and coffees at Brewed Awakening. Oh how i wish i could start my morning there everyday.

The city businesses always do different themes throughout the year. Current it’s a Alice and Wonderland theme!

How cute is this kids meal at Woodstock’s Cafe? I wanted to order one for myself!

In the afternoon we decided to go fishing. It was hot and nothing sounded better than being on the boat. We headed east of the Huron river. We marked a lot fish and i was just hoping they weren’t all full of mayflies. It started off a little slow but soon we were catching…..sheepshead. Ugh the rats of the lake. They were big and put up quite a fight. Never happy to reel in a sheepshead but it was better than not catching anything. We did end up catching about a half a dozen walleye. A few small that we threw back and we kept 4 of them. Good size eaters!

Wonder how long this crane has been there?

In the evening we ate dinner with my folks and headed back to clean up and close the boat. It was another wonderful day at the lake!

Summer Through My Lens

Week 3

6.19.22 Switching reels

Vacation for me has begun and it started on Lake Erie 💕 My dad, John and i went fishing. The weather was perfect, although cool at times, but we enjoyed the day. We caught a catfish and a white bass, but no walleye. We can blame the Mayflies for that. A day on the water is better than working (as the boys would say)!

6.20.22 Huron, Ohio

Tuesday was HOT. The temp was in the 90’s. I scrapbooked a little and then read my book at the pool. In the evening i coached for a few hours. They gym wasn’t hot but it was humid.


Wednesday was another hot 90°+ day. I finally was able to get my nails and toes done. In the afternoon i cooled down in the pool and did a few more scrapbook pages!


Thursday i decided i needed some retail therapy. Life’s been a little stressful and i needed a good walk around target 😂. While there i saw a beautiful shower curtain. It inspired me to redecorate the hallway bathroom because it definitely needed a fresh look. The shower curtain and rugs had seen better days. I chose turquoise, not because i love that color, but it just looked fresh, clean and gave off a calm vibe. Grabbed some new rugs, hand towel and changed the wall art! Sometimes it’s the little things that cheer us up!


Bonus photo….Thursday night was superhero night at baton. Here i am with some of my girls. And yes the little one is dressed up (and posed) like Mulan. She told me princesses are superheroes. She’s not wrong!

Date night. This photo was taken on my phone!

Saturday we played at the lake. It was a beautiful summer day!


When the mayflies attack

The mayflies have made their arrival in Vermilion, Ohio. They say this is a sign of a healthy lake, but no one loves the days when they are here. The houses and buildings are covered. As cars drive down the streets you can hear the crunching of the mayflies that cover the roads. The first few days are always the worst and after about a week they are usually all gone!

It also makes things tough as a fisherman. The fish eat the billions of mayflies and are now full and don’t want anything you have to offer them. That didn’t stop us though. We enjoyed a beautiful day on the lake, but of course we only caught catfish.

Swingin in Solon

Our niece Cally had another softball 🥎 tournament this weekend. She played Friday night, twice on Saturday and again on Sunday. We were able to make both her games on Saturday. She played right field, left field, 2nd base and pitched. She has grown so much as a player in just a short amount of time. She is quick to backup others during a play. She is swinging her bat and not letting good pitches go past her. She is fielding the ball and aware of where they play is happening. And she is one hell of a base stealer!!!! We truly enjoy watching her play. She is on a new team and there aren’t many other 9U teams so she usually ends up playing a 10U team. They won their first game on Saturday and to be there to witness the excitement the girls felt, was indescribable. i was so happy for this new (young) team of girls! Their coach was also so proud of them and treated them all to ice cream after their game on Sunday. Seeing them all grow as a team is better than winning any game!!!

These girls are ready to play
Left field
Backing up 3rd
Great hit
Stealing 2nd
Perfect slide
Stealing 3rd
Stole 3rd
Getting ready to steal home
Pop fly
Caught a pop fly
Running the bases after their win
Aunt Debby and Uncle Dan came all the way from Florida!
We love our niece
Poppy and Grandma
My parents are the cutest
#1 fans