Red, white and brewed!

Honestly there is just something about getting coffee from a local coffee shop in a small town, that makes my day so much better. I love Brewed Awakening in Vermilion, Ohio. I know i have talked about it before but its just such a quant place that i can’t get enough of. The walls are filled with coffee quotes, artwork from local artist and historical new paper articles. There is a train table and chalk board for children to enjoy while their parents have some coffee talk with friends. In the center is a coach and two comfy chairs that seems to be used mostly when customers are waiting for their orders. They have quite a large menu or such small place. The breakfast options are amazing but i always get the classic egg and cheese on a bagel. They also offer a wide variety of coffees and specialty lattes. Again i stick to the classic breakfast blend with cream and Splenda!

One thought on “Red, white and brewed!

  1. Glad you get to start your day with all that brings you happiness…..thinking there’s lots of people who would love to join you ….Coffee sure has come along way from my gramma’s instant everyday SANKA coffee…..and her ground EIGHT O’CLOCK coffee for company only 😂😂😂….m


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