A scene from a movie…

The morning of the Fourth of July our lake community, Mitiwanga, has a parade for anyone to participate. Renters and permanent residents look forward to this every year. This has been a tradition for decades. Here is a photo of my aunt in this parade when she was just a little girl.

The children decorate their bikes an scooters. Everyone has on their patriotic outfits. Adults decorate their golf carts and dogs! It’s really a special moment to see them all ride up and down the streets while my mom plays patriotic music. Guests and residents stand outside their homes and cheer us on. It’s kind of a reverse parade, as they pass out candy and treats to us as we ride by. This year the president of Mitiwanga passed out coloring sheets and a gift certificate for the local ice cream shop, Pied Piper, to all the children!

One thought on “A scene from a movie…

  1. Looks like a modern day film…remade in color….from a black and white movie back in the 50’s……thanks for bringing my memories to life again….hugs…m


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