Good morning from the lake

Waking up at the lake gives off the best vibes for the day!

I started my morning with a cup of coffee and a walk to the lake. It was a quiet morning. There was one boat cruising west on the lake. There was an older man standing on the pier and enjoying the calm water. I saw several moms packing up their cars for the families journeys home. Only a handful of people live in this community year round. My parents are one of them. It’s fun to see all the different families show up each week. Some are families that return each summer, some are new to the area! Sundays are a day for packing up and cleaning. It’s usually the quietest day of the week and today was no different. It was also cloudy but no rain in sight.

By late morning we were ready to set out on an adventure. We headed to Marblehead. We stopped at my favorite antique store. We didn’t buy anything but we enjoyed sharing stories of our childhood when we found trinkets our grandmothers use to have. Next door they opened a new store and it took everything in me not to spend $500 😂!

After shopping we headed to cleats for lunch. We ate a delicious meal and enjoyed the beautiful view of the marina!

Shrimp and corn chowder
Chicken tacos
Mediterranean chicken pitas

We ended our day at another adorable local boutique and the fishing store! It rained on the way home and stormed during the early evening. Another wonderful weekend at the lake was over and i prepared to head back to work after a week off!

4 thoughts on “Good morning from the lake

  1. A great ending to your perfect vacation week….hope all that rejuvenation lasts longer than the first day back to work…..sometimes life is funny that way 😂😂😂….hugs..m

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