When the mayflies attack

The mayflies have made their arrival in Vermilion, Ohio. They say this is a sign of a healthy lake, but no one loves the days when they are here. The houses and buildings are covered. As cars drive down the streets you can hear the crunching of the mayflies that cover the roads. The first few days are always the worst and after about a week they are usually all gone!

It also makes things tough as a fisherman. The fish eat the billions of mayflies and are now full and don’t want anything you have to offer them. That didn’t stop us though. We enjoyed a beautiful day on the lake, but of course we only caught catfish.

3 thoughts on “When the mayflies attack

  1. Guess it’s true what they say…..HISTORY and LIFE…repeat itself…. and…ANY DAY on the water is a good day….glad you enjoyed your day 🤗….m

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  2. Okay, I will NEVER complain about Mayflies again!!!! We get them every May here in New England, and they last about a month. But they’re super small. They’re pesky… but there is no crunching on roads or covering of houses. That is just insane!!

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