End of the school year fun!

It’s been a busy month. My youngest step daughter and my godson had 2 musical performances. Lucky for me they are in the same show choir!

My nanny girl and her cousins had their dance recital. My niece, Cally, and John went with me. It was a wonderful recital and my nanny girl was a star. I was so proud of her. She smiled and had so much energy on the stage!

My nanny boy graduated from Pre-K. I still remember when he was born and i am having a hard time believing he is off to Kindergarten in the fall. My niece, Peyton, just graduated Kindergarten. She is the youngest of my nieces and nephews and they are all growing so fast!

Peyton and big sis Emma!

One thought on “End of the school year fun!

  1. 👏👏👏 to another school……yah to summer vacation….memories to cherish….and before you know it……school 🔔will be ringing again….enjoy the moments before they pass…safe and fun summer to all……..hugs…m

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