Cally weekend!

My favorite question is “you up for a sleepover with Cally!?” Um yes we would love to spend time with our niece! John was fishing during the day so Cally and i went the water safety event downtown Berea. She signed her waiver for water safety and received a book and other gifts!

Next we went and played on the playground. It was 90° outside but it was beautiful! We also walked around the art festival and got some ice cream.

Later that evening we went to watch my nanny girl dance at her recital. It was a wonderful weekend and we are blessed to spend the time with Cally!

One thought on “Cally weekend!

  1. Auntie/niece time is the best!!!! Sounds like your time was as special as your bond. The bond…fun…and love only grows more special with every passing year….count your blessings and treasure your memories….hugs to you both…m

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