Lent has arrived!

I have always been taught that Lent is not about giving up something for the sake of giving up something. Lent shows a disciplined practice in suffering and keeps us grounded. Humbled. Grateful for what we do have. It takes away something in our lives that we enjoy and in a small way connects us to what Jesus went through. Christians believe that this is to represent Jesus Christ’s sacrifice when he went into the desert to pray and fast for the 40 days before later dying on the cross.

In the Bible’s New Testament, while Jesus was there, Satan tempted him to turn away from God and worship him instead, but Jesus refused to, which is why people might give something up, in order to test their own self-discipline too.

This year i am giving up pop and chocolate treats! These are really my only 2 “guilty pleasures” so a sacrifice it will be! My nanny girl told me i should give up coffee but her brother said that was not a good idea. Obviously he was nervous about dealing with me all day with no coffee in my system. He’s a smart boy!

4 thoughts on “Lent has arrived!

  1. Lent is about sacrifice…..sometimes a sacrifice for someone comes in the form of doing…my dad had a cousin who was a priest…While visiting…Fr. Bede told us the story of how…at the age of 10-11 he needed to do something for lent…didn’t want to really give anything up…so instead he went to mass every morning during lent…needless to say…he was called to serve…A fantastic person and priest for over 60+ years and just passed in 2020. A story I will never forget…Lent is about sacrifice…some years I go without …others I do more…Lent is
    is always the perfect time for reflection and 🙏🏻…..💕…m

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