What a crazy awesome year! We started off with a high percentage of people fighting Covid and we end the year with even higher numbers. Yikes! But on a positive note we were able to be vaccinated and receive the booster shot. Our entire family has the shot and that helps us feel a little bit better!

We spent half the year on the boat, which honestly is the best place to be. Fishing with family and friends is fun and relaxing!

We were able to travel in the fall to the most beautiful place! We celebrated our 2 year anniversary and were able to just be outdoors and enjoy nature!

John and i made a huge change in our lifestyle and it paid off in so many ways. We made the commitment to live a healthy lifestyle. We changed our eating habits and made working out a priority.

Overall i would say it was a pretty amazing year. We are all healthy with a few family members who had a mild case of covid. I am truly looking forward to 2022!

2 thoughts on “2021

  1. Cheers to 2021…to you ~ Johnny ~ Elizabeth ~ Karalyn ~ family ~ friends ~ and all those you hold dear. Wishing you a blessed 2022…may every day have a moment to make you smile and a memory to treasure. Life is what we make it…the past is gone…let it go. Today’s a gift … embrace it and find the good. Tight New Year hugs filled with endless 💕…m

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