Well Christmas was done in two parts this year. First we did Christmas with my family the weekend before. We then celebrated Christmas with John’s family during the afternoon of Christmas day. We did not travel to any families homes for the holiday because Covid is spreading like crazy in Ohio!

John cooked a feast of perch and walleye for my family! We had fries, veggies and dip, chips and dip, and my sister made homemade coleslaw!

Back at the kids table

On Christmas we made a Italian sausage with peppers and onions with marinara sauce in the crop pot. Super easy and super delicious!

He finally beat the Peg game
When an innocent gift looks so inappropriate
This is what happens when you wake up at 5:30am

Christmas morning Cally FaceTimed us and was excited to tell us Santa AND the tooth fairy came to her house!

One thought on “Christmas!

  1. Looks like everyone was very good this year….and 🎄 was fun for all. Think, one thing we’ve all learned over the past year is …where there’s a will ~ there’s a way. Things always work out just as they were meant to be. Hard to believe 🎄 is over and we’re only 2 days till the New Year. May you treasure the memories of 🎄2021 …and may 2022 bless you everyday with a moment of happiness to make you smile and a memory in your ❤️ to treasure forever. Tight hugs filled with 💕…m

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