Nanny Appreciation Week

My amazing nanny family honored me this week. Each day i received a thank you card and a small gift. My nanny mom did not disappoint with all her amazing puns! How did i get so blessed? I am so grateful God led me to this family. Their children are amazing and i love them so much. They are family!

2 thoughts on “Nanny Appreciation Week

  1. What a beautiful blessing of life for 2 SPECIAL FAMILIES…just a 💬 as I see it ~ Nanny’s are earth 😇, a God, Wink, to let us know He’s always with us and will carry us thru ~ Nanny kids are family, a God Wink, to let one know He hears our every 🙏🏻 and He knows our needs even before we do 😊…what a perfect match made in HEAVEN…What a SPECIAL week…a SPECIAL nanny…a SPECIAL family….and lots of SPECIAL hugs to you all…m


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