Proud wife!

There are so many things about my husband that make me proud, but seeing him smile while he is fishing brings so much joy to my heart! We are in the middle of the fall brawl tournament and my husband has been very busy fishing during all his free time. He recently caught a larger fish that put him on the leader board. Now as the temps start to fall, the fish start to weigh more so the hunt for a bigger fish continues. But look how happy he is!

4 thoughts on “Proud wife!

  1. Truer words were never more spoken…that smile has been since the moment him came into this world. There’s never been a day that I have seen his face without a smile…some days more than others…but it’s always there and it melts my ❤️. Agree, since age 2 his FISHER PRICE fishing rod and rain puddles have brought him BIG SMILES…real fish made those BIGGER SMILES and thru the years the bigger fish made those SMILES GROW EVEN BIGGER…but his BIGGEST SMILES come from you and the girls …💕…m

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  2. He really does love fishing and so glad you guys got Dad involved and maybe when Donny has time he can play too. I was home where’s it’s warm and playing with Cally! You put a smile on his face too!

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