Spirit days!

Full disclosed i was a teacher for 16 yrs 🤣

Who doesn’t love to dress up for special days!? Ok probably a lot of adults but i still love it. Here are some outfits of the day looks this fall from me and my baton girls. They love to dress up with me!

One thought on “Spirit days!

  1. Cute!!!!! Just think 🤔…this all started waaaaaaaay back 28 years ago (think that’s correct) in mommy’s closet…trying on shoes…wobbling in them…hanging her purse on your shoulder….wearing her blouse as a dress…her lipstick….you look in the mirror and see her ~ MOMMY……best memory you’ll ever have. Never stop playing dress up… never stop looking in your mirror and loving your mommy looking back at you. Love my walk down memory lane….love your old soul…love you….m


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