The Catfish Queen and King

Another day fishing with my guys! We set out for walleye but the catfish like me more. We caught white bass, baby walleyes and catfish. We had one keeper walleye but we had a lot of activity. Not once but twice we had a Folino fire drill. John was netting a fish for my dad and boom i hooked a fish. We were both reeling in and John had to double net us. It was fun and we laughed a lot. Of course this would have been more exciting if we were doubling up on walleye but catfish put up an exciting fight!

I drove the boat!
John’s line wrapped around the prop!
Seconds before i hooked my fish
Dad with his monster cat
My big catch of the day
Feel free to hire me for all your cleaning needs

4 thoughts on “The Catfish Queen and King

  1. You are definitely the QUEEN of all trades…is there anything you attempt that you don’t succeed at 😊. Really had some ones there. Sounds like you had a good filled with fun… that’s the secret to 🎣 FUN!!! Sounds like Johnny is the second mate and for sure you guys kept him busy that trip 😂😂😂….knowing him ~ his ❤️ was happy. Thanks for sharing your day…really enjoyed it and I didn’t even get seasick 😂😂😂. Hugs 😘…m

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