Zoo Day!

The weather has been beautiful in northeast Ohio. Sunny and high 70’s with kind of a cool breeze in the shade. Refreshing after a very hot and humid august, but honestly i love that heat. My nanny kids and i took full advantage of the great weather and headed to the zoo! It wasn’t crowded now that school is back in session! We started at the elephants and we were all so excited because we were able to feed them. My nanny boy loved watching them pick up each individual piece of food!

We made our way through the Australian exhibit and stopped by the petting zoo. Both kids did an awesome job of carefully petting each animal. At the end of the Australian exhibit are the koala bears and i always snap a photo for my dad!

After Australia we headed up the hill to the giraffes. My nanny boy really wanted to feed them and i fully support this because how fun is it to actually hand a large animal a leaf of lettuce! His little sister even handed the giraffe a piece of lettuce and she was very happy!

Per the request of my nanny boy we walked over the Asian exhibit. He actually asked me on the drive in if we could go there. I, too, was excited because i love the red pandas and my favorite animals (the bears) are right next to the exhibit. We found all 3 snow leopards and 2 of the red pandas. The grizzly bear was up and walking around, which always makes the crowd happy!

We ended our trip with the tigers! They were all asleep but we were excited because one was sleeping on the bridge above us!!! They are massive!

We walked to the front and enjoyed our packed lunch before heading home for nap time! My photography assistant took this wonderful photo of me!

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