Back to school!

It’s been a year and a half since these kids have been back to school full time. I am so excited for all of them but also nervous about their health. Non of my nieces, nephew or nanny kids are age eligible for the vaccine and this new delta variant is spreading like crazy. I just pray the universe keeps all these children safe and healthy because being in school is what they all need!

The best part of Cally’s day was math and recess. She is one of 17 girls in her class and there is 1 boy!
Sisters are off to school! Peyton loved kindergarten. Emma had an amazing first day in middle school but she missed the bus on the way home!
Henry said school was “good!” Typical boy answer as that’s all i got!

My nanny girl had a blast in 1st grade!

One thought on “Back to school!

  1. Agree, summer has gone by quickly and it’s hard to believe the kids are back to school. Wish everyone a great school year and keeping the faith and prayers everyone stays healthy and well….hugs to all….m


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