Happy birthday to you….

The nanny kids are 5 and 7!!!!!

We had a wonderful time celebrating another year around the sun for with the “big kids!”

Their themes were super hero’s and fairies. My wonderful boss has an amazing set up with photo booths, themed food, a fairy garden craft and a superhero obstacle course. The kids played hard and the adults enjoyed hanging out together!

John wore his Batman shirt and i made my own super nanny (that’s what my boss calls me) shirt with a fairy riding on Mary Poppins back!

One of the cousins got stuck in the tunnel so he did the entire obstacle course this way 😂
Breaking through the wall

One thought on “Happy birthday to you….

  1. Birthday parties sure have come a long way from the 50’s….I want a redo from ages 5 thru 8 😂😂😂. Looks like everyone, no matter what age, is having a fun time and the cakes look delicious too. If Super Heroes and Fairies can come together…get along …I’d say there’s hope for all of us 😂😂😂. Jillian and Peter have a wonderful birthday year and anxious to see what theme your birthday party next year brings. Hugs…m


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