Stop giving kids drugs!

Did you know sugar lights up the brain the same way cocaine or heroine does? Did you know it’s equally as addictive? Should we just allow drugs to be in the house since we are doing as much damage to the kids with all the processed foods?

I highly recommend watching Fed Up on Netflix. Really great documentary. I do wish they would include parents in the blame along with the government and food companies, but still a great watch! Here are just a few facts from the film that stood out for me:

Sugar increases appetites in children and they are getting little to no exercise

Our children will live shorter lives then their parents and grandparents

Within the next 2 decades 95% of Americans will be overweight

The government is subsidizing the obesity epidemic

By 2050 one in three Americans will have diabetes

Junk food companies are worse then the tobacco companies 30 years ago


Here are some side effects of children drinking sugary drinks according to healthy child dot com:

They contain no nutrients, are high in calories and sugar, and ultimately lead to obesity

It suppresses appetites and children are less likely to get the vitamins they need

It depletes bones and girls are more likely to get broken bones

Leads to blood sugar disorders

Aspartame found in diet sodas is a brain toxin and an endocrine disrupter

The acid from sugary drinks causes inflammation in the stomach lining which leads to digestive issues and extreme pain

It’s extremely dehydrating which can lead to more serious issues

Number one cause of ADHD and aggressive behavior

Contributes to mental disorders such as depression and anxiety in children

AGAIN THIS IS ALL PREVENTABLE! Let’s stop killing our children. Let’s stop being a drug dealer!

Michelle Obama did a wonderful job bringing attention to the horrible crap the schools were feeding our children. It was a great start but we need to do more. Shoutout to my local high school for offering a healthy cafe and a sub shop in addition to their main cafeteria!!!! I’m happy to see the schools are helping us fight these problems!

Everyone always wants to be the best parents. Well being the best role model is a hell of a way to achieve that. Make small changes inside your home. Don’t eat outside of the home unless it’s necessary. Sure a nice dinner out every once in awhile is nice, but make good choices. Just look at the information below. If i want a burger i can make it sooooo much healthier at home. It is not cheaper, quicker, or healthier to eat at a restaurant!

Listen I’m not a total health nut and i still enjoy ice cream, a diet soda and pizza. But in moderation. It’s supposed to be a TREAT not on a daily menu. We all loved going to a friends or grandmas house to indulge in some junk food but that’s because it wasn’t allowed at our own houses. These days this is just part of a child’s everyday diet and it’s no longer a special treat. This needs to be stopped!

This is a topic I’m very passionate about. I’ve witnessed first hand how someone’s diet can change their life. I’ve watched a small child get diagnosed with autism, his parents adjusted his diet and now he is a high functioning (almost typical) 10 year old. I watched a young girl lose half her hair to alopecia, change her diet and she now has a full head of hair. I’ve seen adults taken off medications because they start eating healthier and exercising. Isn’t it our duty as adults to make sure these children live healthier, better and longer lives than us!?! They learn from us so let’s teach them to be healthy before they are forced to change their lives because of a medical issue!

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