The serenity of the lake!

The lake brings a sense of calm to my life. Whether I’m on land, on a boat, swimming or laying on the beach, i am at peace!

These first few photos i took from my parents house in Huron. I am so blessed to have access to this gorgeous area!

The next few photos i took while on the boat fishing. There was a poker run passing through Huron and heading to Put-In-Bay. It was really neat to see all the fancy and colorful cigarette boats. It was also very exciting to see the film crew in the helicopter chasing and hovering over them!

3 thoughts on “The serenity of the lake!

  1. Awesome pictures. How neat was that to see a poker run and all those cigar boats…a perfect day too for their run. Can you imagine the $$$$$ in that group of boats ❓❓❓❓I’d be blessed to have just the price tag of one of them 😂😂😂…I’d even share it with you 🤗🤗🤗…m

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