Oh the worst part of owning and coaching a baton twirling team! The girls have known for months the date of tryouts. We spent 8 weeks of this summer preparing them for it. All competition girls came together. We ran 3 routines over and over again. We did full groups and then split them into smaller groups. We had them do each routine until we were confident we saw every girl perform beginning to end. The girls were there for an hour and a half total. They were all in a great mood and very cooperative. We sent them home and us 3 coaches discussed what we just saw. We were unanimous in our decisions of where each girls should be placed for the upcoming season. Basically nothing needed to be discussed as we were all on the same page!

As soon as i got home i sent out text to each girl congratulating them and telling them their new team. About 15 minutes later my phone started going off. Sad twirlers. Angry moms. Texts were coming with both happy and sad students. My phone was ringing with parents upset. Ahhhhh make it stop!

After about 24 hours things started to cool down. Parents apologized and girls were in a good headspace to understand why we placed them on the team they did.

All in all we are excited for the new season to begin and I’m happy i don’t have tryouts for another year!

One thought on “Tryouts

  1. Sounds like life has added a trying 24+ hours to your life…what a bummer 😖. Sometimes there’s no rhyme or reason…you just need to let it play out…and believe it will all work out. Apparently, that’s exactly what happened…not saying it made getting to the end result any easier…but all’s well that ends well. The positive is looking forward to a new season… working hard at achieving new goals….respecting yourself and others…be kind, sharing, enjoying laughs, fun moments and all that makes forever memories. Amazing coaches and awesome twirlers make each of you “WINNERS” already. Big hugs and the best year yet to each of you…m

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