Cally’s 9!

Time is passing by so quickly! Cally had a Moana themed birthday party. The day was filled with laughter and screams of about 20 kids. They played in the pool and sprinkler slide. They are pizza, snow cones, cake and candy from the piñata. Cally received lots of craft kits and some stem kits. She loves creating and learning!

Abby and my parents
Abby and the cutest dad ever!
KC and Abby
Cookies made by my mom
The girls colored pictures for decorations
My pretty girls
Cally and Karalyn being crazy

4 thoughts on “Cally’s 9!

  1. In Cally’s words.. it does look to be the perfect fun party 😊. What a beautiful Moana, Cally made. Funny how fast they minute you’re holding their hand so they don’t fall,…in a blink of your eye they’re holding your hand for the same reason…crazzzzy how fast live goes. Loved sharing Callys special day…definitely Moana and all her friends had a blast. Hugs …m

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